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Multi-driver IEM containing 1 balanced armature driver and 1 dynamic driver.

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Pros: Affordable
Not harsh
Cons: Smaller soundstage than average
Vocals imbalance, male is more forward, female is more laid back
Fitting issues
Introduction / Manufacturer Information


-CVJ Earpiece Pouch
-CVJ Eartips (S,M,L)


Right out of the box:
-The bass is pretty boomy and as such slightly muddy.

-The mids, specifically the male and female vocals, tend to leans a little towards the male making it more forward sounding. It gives the impressions of the female standing 2/3 steps behind. -All in all the mids are pretty pleasant. Smooth, clean, clear and not harsh for upper mids (something we really dislike from a certain other brand).

-Based on the original FR provided by CVJ, the roll-off is set at 10k, which is a typical point set by chifi in 2020. However, it doesn't sound like it was being rolled off at 10k, instead it is around 13k region. To be honest, I really appreciate it. Some of you might have seen me complaining about the 10k roll off being absolutely absurd, making the whole set sounded detail-less and empty right after a certain point.

-Treble by itself is also pretty well tuned, giving good details and clarity.

-The soundstage is slightly smaller than typical chifi, still acceptable and separation is also a problem....

After Burn-in (>20hrs usage):
-The bass became rounder and punchier, not as boomy as before.

-Soundstage widen up a bit, separation also improved a bit but almost negligible Upper mids opened up, not harsh, more chirpy for female vocals. Male vocals still more forward sounding.


  1. Using foam tips over stock tips. Further smoothen the ratio between boomy and punchiness.
  2. Tested with 3 other cables, A(Pure silver), B(OCC), , C(Silver plated). The sequence of liking is as follows: B>C>A>Stock.
I find the OCC copper cable gives really strong bass and sometimes it overpower the vocals. Pure silver on the other hand enhances the upper mids and lower treble a fair bit resulting to more details (which is very enjoyable) but also more fatiguing and female vocals is further brighten to a level close to being harsh. Took the "mid-way" compromise of SPC and it maintained the strong bass while boosting the high-mids and treble to a level a step below what I percept from pure silver. As such it became the "golden ratio" among these upgrade cable.



Hi! Thank you, I'm a newbie reviewer and appreciate your motivation. I personally uses two mode of burn in...

1. If you're the patient type, you can try the app by 1more (a china earpiece manufacturer). There is a function where if burn in your piece through 3 stages (total up to 5days) inclusive of intermittent breaks to not overheat your earpiece. They claimed this is the right way... but i dont hear much difference from normal methods

2. If you're like me, sometimes get impatient, you can use the youtube link below. After that more or less it should be at least 60-80% burned in. Remaining time you can just listen to your own music and let it settle or let it run on your music. (But beware of brain burn in if you listen to it while burning in)