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Audiosense AS20 DD + BA Hybrid IEM

  • More Than Competent Hybrid earphone

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  1. TwinACStacks
    Competent Budget Hybrid or Wolf in disguise
    Written by TwinACStacks
    Published Feb 2, 2016
    Pros - Great Bass control, Comfort, Build Quality, Overall SQ is non fatiguing. Great details and Soundstage
    Cons - There really is nothing to fault other than packaging is a little generic.
    Introduction: I stumbled across this little Gem as I was browsing through some of the available earphones on Aliexpress.com The specs and pictures intrigued me, as well as this being a Sub $40 (USD) Hybrid. So on impulse I purchased it from the seller, Easy Earphones, listed above.
    DISCLAIMER: I am a hobbyist only. I am not affiliated with any sellers or manufacturers that may be listed in my reviews, nor am I provided with any samples for endorsements or reviews. I purchase all of my own gear. These reviews are just MY personal opinions and as I am sensitive to Highs, Your results may vary. I will offer product comparisons as long as I have something similar to compare.
    Here are some pictures, as you can see they are packaged in a generic functional rather overly large cardboard presentation box.
    They come with an embossed round case, earhooks, shirtclip, 4 pairs Eartips S,M,L Black silicone and a single pair of installed Red Core hybrids.
    Specifications are available using the link posted at the top of the Page.
    Construction: Appear to be made of spun/ turned aluminum, with nice solid standoffs that appear to have a positioning Tab? incorporated. Assuming from the provided earhooks they can be worn downcabled (my preference) or over-ear. Y connect wires are of teflon jacketed design VERY durable contrary to visual impressions and also have static and microphonic resistant properties. Very nice Y/ chin slider also out of aluminum Going into a Cloth or Kevlar covering on the main cable, (I love this, and also Cloth Braiding such as Trinity uses on Their IEMs), terminating in a straight plug with spun aluminum finish as well. All In All I can't fault it.
    Source Details: For this Review I exclusively used XDuoo X3 coupled to a Fiio E12 Mont Blanc on high gain mode. There is NO EQ on the XDuoo player. Files are all 320kbps MP3, Flac 48Khz or High Resolution 96khz? downloads from HD TRACKS. Note this source combination was also used in the Comparisons.
    This is a list of songs that I used in this review. Many I use all the time, some less frequently. All the songs have some quality or nuance/ detail that work well as reference material.
    No particular order:
    Spirit-- Prelude/ Nothing to Hide/ Natures Way
    Ai Takekawa-- Beyond the Moon Original version
    Christina Novelli-- Concrete Angel
    John Mayer-- Clarity/ Only Heart
    Mick Jagger-- Dancing in the Starlight
    SOAK-- Immigrant Song
    Ronnie Wood-- I don't think So
    Vivaldi-- SPRING (Four Seasons)
    John G. Bryson-- Let the Pipes Play (Full Pipe Organ Album 1st song)
    Alter Bridge-- Find the Real
    Keb Mo'-- Everything I need
    Jonny Lang--- Get What You Give/ Blew up the House
    Sound Details:
    Well now, this is where it gets Tricky. I bought these as an impulse buy along with several other more expensive 'phones. I had an Initial listen and in my impatience wrote them off as a decent generic sounding pair of the new plethora of budget Chinese hybrids, in order to get at "the good stuff".  So I put off actually Burning them in in favor of others that I was more anxious to get to. FAST FORWARD about 3 weeks. Finally got to "Breaking In" the AS20 and then she was ready for an extended listen.
    Well Now..... At First listen I was thinking: "Hey these aren't too bad". Bass was unusually controlled, very nice detail, great Mids on vocals and a nicely extended but not boosted High End. The Word COMPETENT comes to mind. A little better sounding than most off the generic hybrids I've heard so far. Well before I knew it, 3 Hours had passed. These AS20 are actually quite a decent little IEM, especially at a Sub. $40 Price Tag.
    BUT: Something was nagging at me about the Bass. It was just WAY too controlled--tight and fairly well extended. That was when the Little Red Guy jumped up on my shoulder and said: "DO IT".
    So I did it.
    I Flicked the 6dB Bass boost, cranked up the Volume to most likely an unsafe listening Volume and slapped om ALTER BRIDGE.
    I Got Chills.
    These little Sheep IEMs ARE NOT SHEEP AT ALL. In fact they probably just left Grandma's house after they ate her. SO what's a Guy to Do? I tried to reduce these to a distorted mass, which actually is quite easy to do With 1Watt of power and Boosted Bass; FOR MOST IEMS. The AS20's weren't having any of it. I even went to PIPE ORGAN Music. Nothing, Just LOUD Clear concise Sound quality.
    Yeah, they are pretty DAMN Competent.
    Bass: The First thing that stood out for me was the unusual control of the Bass frequencies, Punchy, Fast, never masking or Bleeding, just WAY too good for a middle of the Road IEM
    Mids; Very nice, crystal clear and slightly out front but not overextended, Just where I like them
    Highs: Also very nice. some may call these rounded or rolled off, but I think they do what they are supposed to do without becoming overbearing, spikey, or sibilant in any way. Just enough to Have good separation, and details. Sound Stage is quite wide on the AS20 as well.
    In this range from $20 to $40  there are a few Hybrids with many more showing up it seems almost weekly.
    AS20 V.S. Xiaomi Hybrid  Both of these most would consider on the darker side of EQing. Bass depth goes to the Xiaomi that truly has some of the deeper bass I've heard in in a Budget Hybrid. BASS quality and control however easily goes to the AS20, as well as mids. Since the Xiaomi's weak point IS in treble extension, (or complete lack thereof), it's obvious which phone I prefer. The Soundstage on the AS20 Is Quite Good. larger in width than the Xiaomi for certain.
    AS20 V.S. 1MORE Hybrid. Now we Have a little different EQ. I would call the 1MORE Brighter and the AS20 dark by comparison. Surprisingly I find both of these about equal in detail and maybe a Tad better micro detail in the AS20. The 1MORE's Bass is Forward and Quite nice but lacking the extension of the AS20. The AS20 BASS is well,  UNUSUALLY good for a Budget IEM. Both 'phones have really good Mids Maybe Giving the Nod to the 1More, as I think the Mids are pushed to stay ahead of the Forward bass. Treble is slightly more extended on the 1MORE but has less cohesiveness with the rest of the frequencies than the AS20's Treble which is simply, FOR ME, very Listenable
    CONCLUSION:  A well Made, very Listenable "Goldilocks" budget Hybrid. That Does actually stand out from the generic plethora being offered.
    WARNING: I'm NOT RESPONSIBLE for Your well being, mental health, or immortal soul if You Amp, Boost or Crank the VOLUME on this IEM.
    Grandma Found out the hard way.....
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    2. Grayson73
      Grayson73, Feb 3, 2016
    3. Vidal
      I think these IEM are excellent as well, I get a bit of driverflex with mine but there's been no detriment to the sound. They can really kick the bass out whilst at the same time delivering the all detail you'd want. I prefer these to the Senfer UES which I got at the same time, although both are excellent
      Vidal, May 21, 2016
    4. Badelhas
      Great review, thanks!
      Are they much better than the Piston 3? Cheers
      Badelhas, Feb 4, 2018


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