When you want to take your personal listening expereince to the next level, AKG K 420 mini on-ear...

AKG K 420 Foldable Mini Headphone - Blue

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  • When you want to take your personal listening expereince to the next level, AKG K 420 mini on-ear headphones let you do this comfortably and affordably. Deisgned to deliver true AKG performance - high-output sound and excellent frequency response - from virtually any portable device, including iPhone, they are the "next level" upgrade to an improved personal listening experience. By using a semi-open deisgn that fits comfortably on the ear, the K 420s deliver rich, detailed sound that is free of distortion, even at high listening levels. AKG has even made tucking these headphones away very easy as the patented 3D-Axis folding mechanism allows you put these heaphones in a carrying pouch no heaphones this size should be able to fit in to. An attractive blue finish completes the expereience as their lightweight, comfortable fit makes them the perfect companion for everyday use. A protective carrying pouch is even included to keep your headphones safe and secure when not in use.

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  1. Johannus
    "Very Good Headphone"
    Pros - It is cheap and has a very good sound quality for the price. The mids and highs are excelent.
    Cons - Very poor ear pad quality. Lacking bass on some recordings.
    This headphone has a quite good sound quality for its price. Its sound is very clear, the mids and highs are well detailled. The bass is tight but some recordings sound lacking bass. It needed a little bit more body and warmish on the sound. The ear pads have a bad quality. The pads from mine has last about 8 months. 
  2. Bartalker
    "Great sound for the price but limited shelf life"
    Pros - Great sound for <100USD , good bass
    Cons - Not very sustainable
    After a thorough market research and reading the good reviews on this website, I decided to buy the AKG K420 headphone about a year ago. It seemed perfect for my needs: low price, good sound quality, very portable and rather bad sound isolation, which I need so that I can hear the cars when riding my bike. As always, I bought it second hand because you usually get much better deals buying second hand; I still cannot believe the kind of great stuff I got for incredibly cheap prices.


    So I got the headphone. They looked as new and they sounded as I hoped, no disappointment there! I've been using them every day, riding my bike to work and taking them with me almost everywhere I go. Unfortunately, after a few months, the left speaker started falling out every now and and died in the span of a few hours. I don't know much or anything about repairing headphones, which was confirmed in my attempt at saving them. I figured it might be due to abusive use by the previous owner so decided to buy another AKG K420 headphone, but this time a new pair. Unfortunately, after a few months, the exact same thing happened: the left speaker died on me again.


    Taking them everywhere, I might not be the perfect headphones-host but I'm certainly not the worst and I've had cheaper headphones lasting for years. As this happened to me twice, I'm thinking this is not an isolated incident and felt like I had to create a profile to let the world know that the shelf life of these headphones is questionable, especially if you like to move them around.

  3. sagar khichi
    "its an awsome fun headphone whith open back i just loved it for the price"
    Pros - great sound, very comfortable, open back
    Cons - looks cheap quality..
    i have got these headphones 2 days back 5-6-14. at the first look and impression of these headphones i thought they will sound like tiny treble producing headphones, i was not impressed by the look actually, but when i put these headphones on.... with my cowon d2+, i feel like wow.... it has balanced bass which i had not expected at all. sound was not congested every beat was there but yeah felt lil lack of sound-stage.. but for the price point these are amazing.....i got it at good price around 37 usd (rs.2200 inr). for me its bang for the buck...

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