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    iPad2 iOS CCK to HA-2 USB input @ 2.8 mHz.
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    In The Spirit Of Exploration
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    The spirit of exploration: Onkyo HF Player - iPad2 - DSD64 - CCK - Cute hub - iFi Gemini - Tekkeon MP1860A - LH Labs GO 1000 - AKG K 420.
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    The wider angle revealing the powered USB hub needed for this connection to work.
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    akg k420
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    HRT iStreamer rig with DIY interconnect cable, ADL Stride, AKG K 420, AQ Carbon 30 pin dock cable, IOGEAR 2.1 amp USB battery, and McIntosh music player app for iPad.
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    Ever so slightly ridiculous sized RCA - 3.5mm stereo cable, a Cardas 300B Microtwin with Canare F-12 mini TRS plug. Custom hand made in Oregon by The Silent Terminators since 1987.
  8. Jim McC

    Best "open" headphones under $40 ?

    Will be used mostly for movies, plugged into my receiver's headphone jack. I prefer on ear, as long as they are lightweight and comfy on the ears. Over the ear are fine too, but if the cups are not deep and large enough, and touch my ears, I hate that. Thanks.
  9. Ozilla

    What are the best headphones with padded earpads ?

    Hi, i am looking for headphones that have padded ear pads, or something like it. just not leather cause i don't find it comfortable wearing headsets with leather for longer periods of time. i have been trying to look around the internet for options, but most headphones have leather earpads. and...
  10. MikeyFresh

    AKG K420 recable?

    I love the AKG K420 as my over the ear travel headphone, however I'm constantly annoyed by it's very short cable length and also suspect it can be bettered sonically. Any suggestions on who would do a super professional job re-cabling such an inexpensive headphone? I've already used a stop-gap...
  11. phone head

    how to open AKG K-420 for Ear Pad replacement ?

    Hi,   i need to replace the earpads of my K-420, but can´t get it open. I´m afraid to damage them with the wrong method.   So does anybody know how to do it ?     thanks
  12. hammerusta

    Headphone for travelling

    Hi everybody, I need to buy a new headphone that must be portable. I consider beyerdynamic dtx 350p and akg k 420 And also I read all critics about sennheiser px 100 ii and jvc ha-s400 max budget is 70 $ and headphone must be foldable. I prefer listen pop music. What's your advice about that ?
  13. overhead

    Ask for a recommendation! over ear headphone under $200

    Hey, guys. Im new  here. Ive got a AKG k420 (I know it barely means nothin' for some guys here ), but Im going to upgrade my rig a little bit. Is AKG Q460 (quincy jones signiture edtion) a good choice to go? I usually listen to britpop, pop, some jazz. I would prefer a pair  with obvious bassy...
  14. bnmoxs

    headphone advise (limited budget)

    hi and have good day or night.i have a question.i want to buy headphone in limited budget 50-80 dolar.i usually listen music at tranportation,and classroom etc.my favourite genres as;rock,clasical music,sometimes ethnic.i guess -i need some treble and mid base headphone(maybe dont i dont know).i...
  15. chocolatewol

    Help modding AKG K420 (Australia)

    Hi everyone,   I was tempted to list my AKG K420 and Koss PortaPro up for give-away because I'm not really using either at the moment. Mostly because the PortaPro pads are starting to break down, and the AKG K420 cable has several breaks in it as well as pad issues.   However, I really like...
  16. ShinReine

    Recommend me headphones (yes I've read the stickies, but...)

    Hi peeps. Been reading through the forums, and I need help on what to get. My Monster Turbine Coppers are broken, standard cable-wiggle-for-sound issue. I don't mind paying for good headphones, but I don't want to pay for too much either. Problem is, I live in the Philippines, so I don't have...
  17. silent90

    Portables (AKG K420\30\50) vs non-portables (UR40?) - sound quality.

    Hello.   I am going to buy a new headphones and I couldn't find any response to my questions.   I am considering a headphones like AKG K420 (\ K430) \ K450. It's a portable and small model. Does the small size has an impact on sound quality? What is the quality in comparison to full-size...
  18. truckdriver

    I'm looking for an updated version of an old AKG headphone.

    I bought the AKG K26P (some 7 or so years ago) from Headroom for $30. I believe ( a few years later) it was renamed the AKG K414P and was still selling for around $30. A friend of mine really likes the sound so I was looking for a new pair for her. I was wondering if anyone here knows what “AKG”...
  19. Maciek 89

    New headphones dor iPod Nano 6th Generation, similar to AKG K319

    Hi, I used to use iPod Photo 30GB with AKG K319 headphones. For me it sounds great, especially with track recorded on Apple Lossless format. Now I've lost either iPod and headphones so I have to buy new one. I've decided to buy iPod Nano 8GB 6th Generation and now I'm looking for headphones...
  20. redwarrior191

    jeezz...what is this annoying sound??? is it my headphones fault or the recording??

    i got my hd598 as my first headphone around 3 months ago.. i don't normally listen to mainstream pop music.. i usually only listen to accoustic tracks, classicals, movie/game soundtrack, and mainstream rock.. however, just now i listen to several tracks from katy perry and lady gaga.. i used to...
  21. guitargeek

    Cheap headphones help

    Hi head-fiers. I'm recently looking into getting a pair of headphones for casual use at my workplace. Been looking at Sennheiser HD201 and HD202. I like HD201's sound but HD202's look. Both are within my price range. Would've settled for the HD201 if it looked more appealing for street use as I...
  22. obutto

    Best Portable Headphones for Me? (Sub $150USD)

    I've been doing some researching and I really can't find any hard reviews/information on portable headphones (not IEM's, which is what this sub-forum is filled with).   My criteria? Closed (Don't want my sound leaking) Comfortable (Going to be using while studying) Durable (I don't...
  23. laughingsin

    Need help with headphone purchase

    Okay, so my budget is $500 or 40,000 yen since I live here in Japan I can stretch my budget but please keep it to minimum.   I will be using it for portable music player and a great bass will be appreciable.  I listen mostly to rock, alternative rock and some hip-hop few on slow musics...
  24. himanshuVB

    First time buyer, help needed

    Hello,   First of all, I have never seen a forum so dedicated and well organized as this one. Truly deserve the reputation. So, like every first time curious buyer, I searched a lot of headphones which fit my budget and narrowed the results to few. These are the finalists   1. Sennheiser...
  25. Maciek1988

    AKG K420's or Philips SHP-5401s (PC use, mostly)?

    At first I thought I'd buy the AKG K420s but since I've come across the Philips SHP5401s (as far as I know they are the same as SHP5400s only in a different color, at least they look nearly the same) I don't know which ones to choose. SHP5401s are said to be surprisingly good for the price but...