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    Cowon Plenue D

    So I'll keep it simple. I tossed my Plenue D (and Marshall Stockwell but it survived. Left it under a fan for a week) into a river while they were playing. The Plenue D won't turn on any more. I have another thankfully because I lost it and immediately bought another one then found the first a...
  2. OGTL

    Marshall Kilburn, Stanmore or ??? - portrable bluetooth speaker recommendations?

    I drive forklift at a lumberyard. My Stockwell has been banged around for a couple months/dropped/exposed to dirty etc. Although I planned not to, I don't think I can resist bringing my new Kilburn to work instead (kept the stockwell, btw the sound difference is huge imo. i stop the kilburn...
  3. OGTL

    Cowon Plenue D

    The "database update" needlessly and the unit shutting down so soon after you pause it are annoyances to me. I wear one IEM at work and often have to pause it so I can understand people talking to me. Then I have to boot it up again when I'd rather just hit play and continue. Anyone know a fix...
  4. OGTL

    I think I fell victim to a scammer, Amazon rookie. Help on what I do next

    (sorry I didnt realize I made this thread twice yesterday) Thanks Mython. Yes, thankfully they weren't shipped/they were waiting to bait and switch me. Not worth gambling $300 and ending up with 2 fake units or something and going through hell to try to prove they are get a refund etc etc. I'll...
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    I think I fell victim to a scammer, Amazon rookie. Help on what I do next

    So I wanted to upgrade my Marshall stockwell to a kilburn, their best in the portable line. I use with my plenue d camping or whatever. I check out amazon, KNOW they are $300 and see 15 new listed for $86. I ended up thinking What, then just said screw it, bought 2 for a total of $100 USD...
  6. OGTL

    Help a rookie/possibly costly Amazon mistake, what do I do next?

    Greed blinded me into listening to my logic. I wanted to upgrade my Marshall Stockwell speaker I use with a Plenue D DAP when camping and crap with a Kilburn. Randomly went on Amazon, see 15 being sold for around $100 USD everything included (ship etc) which is a 3rd/1/4 of the actual $300 or so...
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    Folder icons in Windows 7 (Mild gripe)

    This style really annoys me. I don't read a book or a newspaper then keep the last page slightly in my face so I can't read the next page. That's a pretty dumb analogy but you get my point. I want it to be forward facing, framed with the yellow folder but not like a half open with the image...
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    DacMagic 100 Impressions

    Is this right? It annoys me infinitely that they even included USB 1.1 in the unit. I did the hold down source and power from standby steps to get it into USB 2.0.   This is foobar2000. I'm worried about the "USB 1" bit in the "device" part. How can I be sure It's using 2.0? The drivers for...
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    Soundproofing to protect neighbor

    I live in what you can basically call a shack with thin walls, I have Polk Audio LSi9s, and a R-S700 Yamaha stereo amp.   Where my speakers sit are about 10 feet away from my neighbors kid's bedrooms, (facing opposite) and I tend to like to listen to music at night. I prefer speakers over...
  10. OGTL

    DacMagic 100 Impressions

    My musical fidelity M1 DAC died after a power outage (please pm me if you know how to repair it)   I got a CA Dacmagic 100 (Low on $, was considering Arcam irdac) to replace it, im satisfied overall but the highs seem recessed at high volume.. I didnt have this problem with my M1. Using Yamaha...
  11. OGTL

    DACMagic Plus Impressions

    I've been using a 9 year old AlienDAC since my Musical Fidelity M1 stopped working for no reason, am excited to possibly get this.   My M1 DAC stopped working after a power outage, please PM me if you're technically inclined and know a possible solution.   If anyone knows a good USB that's a...
  12. OGTL

    My Musical Fidelity M1 DAC appears to be crapping the bed.

    I haven't, really upsetting. My computer doesn't recognize the DAC like I previously thought. I've tried it on different computers, and nothing.   I haven't been able to try an input other than USB, but the AlienDAC from 2006 that I'm now using full time works.   I'm going to have to replace...
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    My Musical Fidelity M1 DAC appears to be crapping the bed.

    Please let me know if you've had a similar problem with a DAC.
  14. OGTL

    My Musical Fidelity M1 DAC appears to be crapping the bed.

    Hi guys. I'm really worried about my M1, as today, unexpectedly and with no cause it has stopped working. It gets power, and the lights on the front turn on, and my computer still recognizes it, but it will not output any sound. Here is an error message I get if I try to use WASAPI.     ...
  15. OGTL

    Please help diagnose what is wrong with my turntable !

    I've got an Audio Technica ATLP60. Ever since I've had it, on every amp i've tried it with, (also trying to use a TC-750 preamp) it gives me this horrendous problem.   It sounds good at a low volume, but when I try to increase the volume on my reciever to listening level, I carefully watch...
  16. OGTL

    Quick question about my reciever

    Hullo all, apologize for the more or less throwaway thread. I need somebody to identify this port in the red circle on my Yamaha RX-397.   It isn't obvious to me and I can't place it. Thanks.      
  17. OGTL

    How To Get The Most Out Of My Shure SE-535s?

    Thank you, apreciate that advice/summary a lot. I'm willing to spend cash for any incremental improvement in quality, so I'l look for a suitably priced amp. Bummer about the 4G touch.
  18. OGTL

    How To Get The Most Out Of My Shure SE-535s?

    I`ve just recently bought the SE535`s too and will post here instead of making a new thread, help me out:   Is the line out quality of an iPad 2 or an iPod Touch 4G poor to a degree that using a Jena labs cryo LOD paired with an amplifier like the iBasso PB2, or the Tomahawk with the SE535...
  19. OGTL

    Speaker help?

    Hi guys. I need a pair of decent, punchy speakers for the amplifier that is hooked up to my DAC. It appears the ones that have sounded great and served me for more than 5 years have developed some problems. are there any pairs reasonably priced that I could pick up for around $400? Reccomended...
  20. OGTL

    think again about "owning" what you download

    Boycott itunes. Boycott amazon digital downloads.
  21. OGTL

    Please recommend jazz album

    Kind of Blue, yes Also, Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time Out (1959) is absolutely essential.
  22. OGTL

    How does Pink Floyd do this?

    Pink Floyd is one of the most overrated bands in history.. Quote: And as far as I know none have used any drugs in a long time. That's the thing- you wouldn't know. I'm sure they all used drugs and continue to do so today to varying degrees.
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    What Newage Music Do You Still Play ?

    Jon Anderson - Olias of Sunhillow
  24. OGTL

    What genre is this?

    Sounds like Zeuhl.
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    Groundbreaking Albums written by artists at a very early age?

    mike oldfields trio of albums from 1973-75 come to mind. AMAZING. he wrote all of the albums in his twenties. Or nick drake. Five leaves is excellent.