I think I fell victim to a scammer, Amazon rookie. Help on what I do next
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Sep 11, 2006
So I wanted to upgrade my Marshall stockwell to a kilburn, their best in the portable line. I use with my plenue d camping or whatever.

I check out amazon, KNOW they are $300 and see 15 new listed for $86. I ended up thinking What, then just said screw it, bought 2 for a total of $100 USD shipped to Canada.

Some evidence:


So I was blinded by greed and most likely based on a couple of the sellers feedbacks be met with "bait and switch" tactics or some sort of BS, fake kilburns, etc.

What would you do? I rarely use Amazon..
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(sorry I didnt realize I made this thread twice yesterday)

Thanks Mython. Yes, thankfully they weren't shipped/they were waiting to bait and switch me. Not worth gambling $300 and ending up with 2 fake units or something and going through hell to try to prove they are get a refund etc etc. I'll buy it from somewhere authorized and take the hit.
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Just report it to Amazon. Since it's a market place item, the funds go through Amazon, Amazon will refund you, and they will freeze this person's account for fraudulent activity.

I really don't see the reason for this thread if you already know Amazon will handle this.

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