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  1. MusicTurtle

    The Beyerdynamic DT48 Arrives...

    Does anybody know if you can still get the Grey Audiometry pads?
  2. MusicTurtle

    What is the best/hottest deal you ever got on headphones?

    A pair of mint Sennheiser HD600's for 115 dollars on ebay last year. This year I managed to snag a pair of Sennheiser HD580's for 100 dollars.
  3. MusicTurtle

    How to clean the DT770 Manufaktur? And headache problems

    The pads are just stretched over the driver. You're not going to break any hidden tab or anything like that by just pulling the pads off.
  4. MusicTurtle

    mom looking for gift for 11 yr old

    Get him a used pair of DT 770's.
  5. MusicTurtle

    Somic EFi-82 MT: Believe the Hype

    I was wondering if you guys have seen the Efi 82 Pro. It seems to have beefier and slightly different pads along with being all black. Which I think looks rather cool.  ...
  6. MusicTurtle

    Sennheiser HD580 question?

    I'd appreciate it alot thanks.  
  7. MusicTurtle

    Sennheiser HD580 question?

    Has anyone tried replacing the HD 580 or HD600 with Shure 940 pads as they look to be a similar size. Would they fit.
  8. MusicTurtle

    ATH M50 +E7 or DT 770 pro WITHOUT amp?

    I've listened to both quite a few times. The ATH M50 doesn't really need an amp. Beyers however absolutely need an amp if you are not keen on buying an amp than go with the M50. If you plan on buying Beyers make sure you have an amp as they gain a lot from good amplification.
  9. MusicTurtle

    Headphones worn in Grimes "Oblivion" video?

    The black one I'm pretty sure is an Audio Technica M35. The second I believe is a Sony MDVR 700 but it's hard to make out well enough. It could also be a technics brand headphone.  
  10. MusicTurtle

    this time I'm going to get something GOOD.

    Quote:   They are a decent if average can at their price point. The issue that comes into contention is that with many new hobbyists or audiophiles it becomes their first and sometimes only jump into the hobby. In their zeal many novice users recommend them adamantly even in...
  11. MusicTurtle

    How to guide to replacing Beyerdynamic headphone adjusters plus massive Kudos to Beyerdynamics customer service

    The guys at Beyer are an awesome bunch for sure. Good job on the post I'm sure it'll help others down the line.
  12. MusicTurtle

    Where can I find replacement parts for Beyerdynamic DT880?

    Just call them and the contact number listed on their website and tell them what you need. I've ordered all the parts you mentioned before that way. Another handy tip is that you can also order Manufaktur version of parts as well if you ask about them.  
  13. MusicTurtle

    Another "What to buy around $100" Please help!

    I would just save the money and put them towards your future modified fostex purchase.
  14. MusicTurtle

    **Which hp's do you regret "selling" the most**

    My DT770's I upgraded to the DT 880's and hated them. Now I need to buy another pair which would make it #3.
  15. MusicTurtle

    Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Vs Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Judging by the places you mentioned you would use them I'd go with the Sennheiser HD25's. There are better portable headphones out there aside from the HD25. From my experience I enjoy the Beyerdynamic T50P which I own and the DT1350 which I've demoed quite a few times. I find both of them to be...
  16. MusicTurtle

    Headphones you regretted buying the most

    The Sennheiser HD25 SP. It is completely and wholly inferior to the HD 25-1 ii.
  17. MusicTurtle

    Power jack question on O2 build

    This guy aerohoff on the diy audio forums sells the Acryllic and bamboo panels. Here's a link to his forum topic   You can see pics of the bamboo ones on page 6.
  18. MusicTurtle

    What's with the pricing on sale/trade forums? We should monitor the prices.

    As someone who's shopped around here quite a bit I don't really have much of an issue with the current pricing. I tend to research most audio purchases at least 3-4 times over from various vendors and then get a ballpark. Sometimes the head-fi prices are lower sometimes a bit higher they...
  19. MusicTurtle

    Amp Recommendations?

    The XM6 is a nice piece of gear. However I don't really need another DAC which is why I was leaning towards an XM4.
  20. MusicTurtle

    Amp Recommendations?

    I've recently been working on my setup and have a nice stationary rig with my O2 amp and HRT music streamer however. I'm very satisfied with it's performance but would like a secondary amp for bedroom use and to try something a bit new.     My headphones are : Hifiman HE 300...
  21. MusicTurtle

    Replacement pads for the DT990?

    The DT250 pads are far more squared than the perfectly round 990 pads.
  22. MusicTurtle

    Rainny Day Headphones? This seems appropriate. However I can't vouch on sound quality as I've never tried them but I did see them in a catalog BHphoto sent to my house. I found them neat.
  23. MusicTurtle

    Fostex T50RP modification summary links

    I have a piece of leather laying around that is going to be perfect for that! I swear it's as if everyone's T50 is a unique DIY snowflake.
  24. MusicTurtle

    Bravo Audio - funny looking little tube amps   Has anyone seen this one? It looks a bit more appealing as it's enclosed and to be honest isn't a bad looking amp minus the fact that I'm not sure how you...
  25. MusicTurtle

    my new gaming audio for xbox, what's yours?

    My absolute favorite gaming rig was.   Xbox--->Fiio E9---DT990   The DT990's soundstage is really damn good for the games I played and the bass just lended such oomph and emphasis to explosions and impact moments.