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  1. davewave

    Brady or Manning?

    "Necrobumped." Hahaha, I love it. Brady posted this pic to his Facebook and those of us in the greater Boston area have it repeated in the Globe (no, I'm not FB friends with him). Couldn't resist the post to head-fi. We'll see how Peyton does today. Brady carried the Pats last night.
  2. davewave

    Brady or Manning?

    Game, set, match ... BRADY!!!  
  3. davewave

    Is Amarra Hi Fi "Audeze LCD2" EQ Setting Designed to Make non-Audeze Cans Sound Like LCD2 or Optimize SQ for Audeze Cans?

    Perhaps the question is dumb, but as a new user of Amarra Hi Fi it's not completely clear to me ...   When using Amarra Hi Fi with Audeze cans (in my case LCD3), should I select the EQ setting to "Audeze LCD2" under the assumption that the SQ is optimized for use with the Audeze line?   Or...
  4. davewave

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    Yes I've been waiting for this for a long time ... so jealous of those who live in Denver and have RMAF at their doorstep every year.
  5. davewave

    AKG K550 Review.

    Hopefully this reply isn't too late to be helpful, but I just wanted to put a plug in for the Fostex HP-P1 DAC/Amp combo as an ideal pairing with the K550. When I first got the Fostex I expected my Senn HP25 to be my go-to portable cans for this unit, but after comparing to the K550 there was...
  6. davewave

    Fostex HP-P1 Portable Amplifier and DAC for iPod/iPhone (Short REVIEW and Impressions Thread)

    No doubt it's always better to listen for yourself and I'd have to admit I might not have voiced this impression of the HD25 pairing had I not recently bought the K550 and heard the striking diffs.
  7. davewave

    Fostex HP-P1 Portable Amplifier and DAC for iPod/iPhone (Short REVIEW and Impressions Thread)

    Quote:   My own experience was that the HD25-1 ii was surprisingly not good a good pairing with the HP-P1.  The sound is "crowded" is the best explanation I can think of, just too packed in--the opposite of "spacious."   This is in comparison to my Westone 3s and AKG K550s.
  8. davewave

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    Quote: I think I get what you're saying with the analogies to HD800 for JH13 and LCD-2/3 for ES5, but unfortunately I've never had the opportunity to audition those cans.   Which of the two, JH13 or ES5, would be the HD600?  That's something I can relate to.
  9. davewave

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    When I travel it's mostly soothing stuff (Sigur Ros, the XX, Washed Out) and alternative (Arcade Fire, Killers, Sonic Youth), sometimes classical (symphonies, concertos, sonatas from the greats). I'm not a bass head but I also abhor sibilance on the high end. I like lush but without...
  10. davewave

    Do I need an Amp for the AKG K550?

    Needed? No. Wanted? YES! What I mean is you don't need an amp to drive these cans, but you do to get the most from them. I use mines with the Schiit Valhalla at home and Fostex HP-P1 on the road and it just shines with both set-ups.
  11. davewave

    Battle Of The Flagships (58 Headphones Compared)

    So this is the question I'm grappling with right now--which custom fit IEM to go for? I'll be upgrading from the Westone 3, which I love with the black olive tips but not the comply foams, which are needed for air travel. They isolate well but are just not comfortable. My portable rig is an...
  12. davewave

    Comfortable Headphones With Low Clamping Force From $200 To $1000

    You might try the AKG K550 (I'm wearing them now!).   Clean, surprisingly spacious sound in a closed-back design, and low clamping force.  In fact, if you read some of the reviews of these cans you'll see complaints about the fit being too loose, if anything.  That hasn't been the case for...
  13. davewave

    hd25 an upgrade to Westone 3?

    I own both the W3 and HD25-1 and find the W3 way more comfortable (no cauliflower ear from the clamping force), more musical, more smile-inducing, and surprisingly more spacious in soundstage The HD25-1 has been a disappointment to me. In particular, after Jude's excellent YouTube review of...
  14. davewave

    Reply to review by 'davewave' on item 'Fostex HP-P1'

    Nice review. I've had my HP-P1 for two days now and am very impressed. So far, though, it hasn't been a good match with my usual go-to portable cans, the Senn HD25-1. Just too much bass, it's overwhelming, like I'm listening to Dr Dre Beats or something!! Hopefully that will come under better...
  15. davewave

    The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

    Fostex HP-P1 for $619 at B&H Photo (lowest price I've seen, most places have it for $649 currently)
  16. davewave

    Can Fostex HP-P1 Drive HiFiMAN HE-500? HE-400? Take the Poll!!!!

    Looking to get into planar magnetics.    Wondering if the amp internal to the HP-P1 has enough muscle to drive the HiFiMANs adequately.  I've searched but found no answers to this question so figured I'd put it out there to the head-fi community.   Thanks in advance for your thoughts and...
  17. davewave

    Schiit Owners Unite

    Hi all Sorry but I haven't checked in for a while. I'm the proud owner of a Valhalla, bought about a year ago. It pairs well with my HD580s modded to HD600 with cables and grills. So I'm a bit confused by this talk of a "new" Valhalla. Did Schiit change it?
  18. davewave

    Classical musician about to take the headphone plunge, need advice!

      Quote: Well put. No *****footing around. Hers's to ya!        
  19. davewave

    Upgrading from HD-580, Suggestions please.

      Quote:   Care to elaborate?  I  too am a long-time fan of the HD580 but more recently have focused on portables (westone 3, HD25, among others), but I'm intrigued by the orthos.    Why do you think thats the next step?  And why the hifiman?  
  20. davewave

    Classical musician about to take the headphone plunge, need advice!

      Quote: I'm always pleased to see mention of the venerable HD580, the poor man's HD600 back in the day (as it shared the same basic design and comfort but had plastic rather than metal mesh grills).    The HD580 coupled with the HeadRoom Little amp literally made me relisten to all...
  21. davewave

    Classical musician about to take the headphone plunge, need advice!

      Quote:   Just wanted to say ....   This is funny and TOTALLY on the mark. Now you know what the Head-Fi community is all about.    Enjoy!
  22. davewave

    Looking for some new headphones for piano primarily

    Heres another thread of relevance ....
  23. davewave

    Headstage Arrow HE: Reviews, Impressions, Perceptions & Sensations

    Thanks, guys, for the pleas for patience and sanity surrounding this fine product. I too had to wait (and wait) for my Arrow to arrive but i have now had it for nearly a year and it continues to amaze on a daily basis. It can be adjusted to meet the differential needs of my Ety ER-6, Westone...
  24. davewave

    HD 25-1 ii Originals "Adidas" Like, Love, or Hate?

    Funny, I'm an Adidas guy thru and thru. I own several pairs of Adidas Original shoes and love the fact that the blue in these cans is identical to the original Adidas colors, but when it comes to headphones this doesnt matter so much. So if i hadnt received these as a gift i probably would have...
  25. davewave

    Custom-colored Sennheiser HD 25-1 II adidas (a lot of big photos inside)

    Those are really gorgeous, but scanning the photos i dont see a single adidas logo or three stripes. Only the box says Adidas. Just sayin'