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  1. Xakepa

    Will RSA Shadow power HD650 ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Do yourself a favor and stay away from meets, though. Once you hear what the HD-650 is capable of you'll be upgrading. ... 'cos there you'll hear electrostatics and you wouldn't care about HD-650 anymore. Been there, done that...
  2. Xakepa

    Have anyone tried to BluTack Denons?

    I got a new set of Denons for X-Mass, and after about 3 days of burn-in they start to improve from their initial (quite messy) state, but the bass is still quite bloated. I'm hesitant to go for the full markl mod, but I BluTack'd all my closed cans (HD201, HD280) and I know it takes 15min and...
  3. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Hooked 'em up today - out of the gate they suck big time, but that's expected. My brand new HD580 were even worse when I got them, and a week later (post 150 hours burn-in) I wasn't able to believe it's the same headphone. Boy, HD201 with the right mode is such a great set of cans ...
  4. Xakepa

    Who here tried the Sennheiser Orpheus?

    Spent 1.5 hours with Orpheus at one of the Boston area meetings (thanks Single Power). Best ever. You have to hear it for yourself to believe, with a quality recording.
  5. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ham Sandwich I live in Portland OR, home of ALO and 32 Ohm Audio Me too...I didn't know we have such nice stores in town, do they carry electrostatics and tubes gear. I moved from Boston area and I had the chance to hear (almost) everything all the way...
  6. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Wow, I got 'em today ...even though Amazon told me Dec 28. I'll keep 'em under the Xmass tree for now ...
  7. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Problem solved, and the credits go to Linuxworks. Thanks a lot. Head-Fi works. I'm not sure what was I doing wrong, but the DAC somehow wasn't locking to the TBAAM. Following your post I tried that again and wow it worked! Windows XP, FB KS to TBAAM @ 16-bit, no DSPs - and the DAC locked...
  8. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Nope, TBAAM won't work. That's what I have now - it can't keep redbook pristine, it resamples to 48KHz. I went through a lot of pains to get my DAC bias in check without having any caps in the signal path, and I want to keep the DAC, but it won't process 48KHz I'll get one of the $25 dongles...
  9. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Thanks guys, but considering I'm not interested in anything above redbook fidelity is there "a plain and simple" solution along the lines of buffer-clock-decoder/encoder which can be DIY'ed for a day and cost less than a $100. I guess I'm asking for too much ...
  10. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Got 'em for 201, new from Amazon. The gear I wanted for the price that I wanted, let's hope they'll stand for all the hype ...
  11. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Problem statement - how to deliver bit-perfect KS/ASIO from Compaq 6910p notebook to Entech Number Cruncher DAC. 1) My notebook doesn't have digital out, only USB, and I'm not even sure if I can transfer non-oversampled, bit-perfect redbook thru it ...but that's step one 2)How to apply the...
  12. Xakepa

    Getting 44.1KHz bitsteram off TBAAM

    Bump. Anyone dealt with TBAAM before?
  13. Xakepa

    Getting 44.1KHz bitsteram off TBAAM

    I can't get Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Micro to work with my DAC. Even with FB2000/KS, TBAAM outputs at 48KHz (i.e. resamples), and my DAC can't swallow that. Any ideas?
  14. Xakepa

    Comedian George Carlin Dies...

    I was suppose to see him in a month...and we were looking forward to it...that sucks...well, life is worth losing indeed. Pease, Forever
  15. Xakepa

    Radiohead in Rainbows download - how much did you pay?

    When I read about the whole deal, sitting on my lappy and scanning Drudgereport, I was chewing on a Subway deli. I was lucky to make it to the checkout I pulled the reciept from the plastic bag and it was $6.47 total. So I paid $7 or whatever the currency exchange say $7 was. Well, "it" works...
  16. Xakepa

    Have You "(Radiohead's) In Rainbows"?: Impressions thread

    3-rd run through it... Simplified well-polished sound, less pretencious, contained, MATURE, easy to listen...just as expected IMO. No Kid A here, no The Bends "Let's get a break from breaking the ice and have a coffee"
  17. Xakepa

    What artist(s) do you have all their albums?

    Let me see... Bjork Coldplay Cream Dead Can Dance Depeche Mode Dire Straits Dream Theater King Crimson Massive Attack Marillion (w/Fish) Muse Pink Floyd Radiohead Roger Waters Placebo Sigur Ros U2
  18. Xakepa

    I think I am scammed here at Head-fi... GRRRRR!

    Quote: Originally Posted by seacard I know it's hard, but try to be patient. A contributor with 500+ posts is unlikely to scam somebody for $140. Hope it all turns out ok. Second that. I've been thru many disputes in eBay over the years - you can't believe how weird things can...
  19. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I use 2003/XP at work. At least one reboot per day. Many lockups, corrupted documents, and on and on. There's definitely smth messed up on hardware or software level. Check the hardware, if you can replace the PSU (I'd say reboots are 60%...
  20. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by mastercheif "Second that. Most Mac people are generally ignorant about Windows mashines, and PC guys don't care about Mac (before they're stuck with one). Being here and there, I'd say Mac OS have more glitches than W2003/XP Profi. Most Mac users however...
  21. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by mirumu I have a dual boot MacOS X/XP laptop and have MacOS X mount XP's NTFS partition read/write. Works great. Bit of a pain to set up initially but that's just as true mounting Mac partitions on Windows too (and I don't want to pay for Macdrive). Or are you...
  22. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by mirumu I've run into far more issues with W2003 than MacOS 10.4 but considering I look after a corporate network full of W2003 boxes that may not be surprising Try to share partition b/w W2003 and Mac and you'll know what I'm talking about. Or just...
  23. Xakepa

    128kbps MP3's sound indistinguishbly transparent to me

    Do NOT resample in FB, probably you messed it up smhow there. 128 MP3 is not transparent even with a low-fi gear, try smth with many instruments like Buena Vista Social Club CD. From 192 and up though your ABX might fail - regardless of the gear. I've tried once with a top-of-the-world gear...
  24. Xakepa

    tell me your favorite opamp!

    Depends very much on the position in the signal path and the rest of the setup. Check my sig.