Have anyone tried to BluTack Denons?
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Sep 2, 2005
I got a new set of Denons for X-Mass, and after about 3 days of burn-in they start to improve from their initial (quite messy) state, but the bass is still quite bloated. I'm hesitant to go for the full markl mod, but I BluTack'd all my closed cans (HD201, HD280) and I know it takes 15min and helps a lot.

Have anyone tried that? Is markl mod much different?


P.S. Denons do Jean-Michele Jarre much better then Senn 580-650 or Grado 225...
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what denon's are you using? if it's Denon d2000, the partial mod's are perfect, the full mods are to much. The partial mods are pretty easy to perform. I don't think blue tack will stick forever.
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Of course you can use blu-tack. If you like I then use dynamat. Like MikeW said I don't think blu-tack will hold that long.

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