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  1. EdipisReks

    Holy Batman! This PINT kicks freakin' butt!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by markl The continuation of this thread over 3 days and 5 pages of posts seems pretty good evidence that some of the hysterical fears expressed herein are unjustified. only because certain unofficial policies have maybe been relaxed, or even gotten rid...
  2. EdipisReks

    Holy Batman! This PINT kicks freakin' butt!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by markl Did anyone really think this thread would be *deleted* because of an opinion that was given about one particular product? why wouldn't it? it has happened many times in the past. well, to be fair, the STASI usually just delete individual posts...
  3. EdipisReks

    who is Kevin Gilmore?

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd I hope some of you guys (Including Kevin himself) realise my post was a joke I love KG (the real, bearded KG) and wouldn't say anything bad about him, so Kevin, this post was obviously in jest oh... i thought you were making a documentary...
  4. EdipisReks

    some headamp gs-1 questions!

    Quote: Originally Posted by iamdone I've never heard a tube amp yet. you really need to. really well implemented tube amps (Singlepower and Eddie Current are my faves) go with Grados like bread and butter.
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    there are plenty of interconnects made of gold alloy. at typical audiophile cable prices gold just ain't that expensive, comparatively
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    Help please! in choosing an amp.

    i think the PPX3 Slam is significantly better than the stock MPX3. i prefer great dynamics over absolute refinement, though, so ymmv. the 5687 output tubes on the Slam has a lot more oomph than the 6SN7 outputs on the stock MPX3, and i find the 5687 does a great job of waking the senns up. 5687s...
  7. EdipisReks

    Need blues recommendations...

    the Skip James albums recorded in the 1960s sound much better than the vintage stuff, and James played much of the same material, so the post-rediscovery stuff is where i would start for anyone that doesn't want to deal with the lower sound quality material.
  8. EdipisReks

    PS-1 vs. HP-1000

    i doubt i would sell my pair for $2000. i would have to think long and hard about it and also have an extended audition with the L3000s to see if they are really as good as i think they are.
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    Got my GILMORE LITE amp today

    Quote: Originally Posted by sidewinder If he doesn't like it from the start, there is very little to no chance he will ever like it. that's completely wrong headed, in my opinion. sometimes it takes a while for the complete picture of a piece of equipment to come into focus. it...
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    who is Kevin Gilmore?

    KG is awesome. so are his amps.
  11. EdipisReks

    Got my GILMORE LITE amp today

    you need to give stuff more time, man.
  12. EdipisReks

    how obsessed are you with your headphone hobby?

    i'm fairly obsessed. i get that way with all my hobbies, though.
  13. EdipisReks

    Nub Question: Light Bulbs

    while you can, in fact, have a regular ol' light bulb in an audio circuit in order to introduce various effects, what you are referring to are vacuum tubes (or valves, as they are known in the UK). this should give a you a good starting point to understanding tube audio.
  14. EdipisReks

    Mystery Headphones Found!

    they are... brown.
  15. EdipisReks

    Most universal: Headfive vs. Gilmore Lite

    i haven't heard either amp, per se, but i used to own an HA-1 MkII (which the head-five is based off of) and i've heard several dyanlo implementations. assuming that neither screws with the basic formula, which i doubt they do, i would say that they are both very well suited to a variety of...
  16. EdipisReks

    STAX 4070 GET! (+BIG PICS)

    i think they look very classy in the same way that the L3000 looks very classy.
  17. EdipisReks

    PS-1 vs. HP-1000

    Quote: Originally Posted by bozebuttons My personal feeling is the PS1s will become worth way more then the HP series do to the numbers produced/sound quality aside. i think that is a reasonable assumption.
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    Jazz at the Pawnshop

    Quote: Originally Posted by VicAjax a live jazz recording that is not quite as well done, but is still rich enough to retain those gee-whiz moments of audience chatter and general ambience... and has some excellent music, to boot: Jimmy Smith - Root Down this album is a...
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    6SN7 appeal - National Union (NU) and Raytheon owners - I need your help!

    i have a couple t-plate Raytheon VT-231s. if you haven't already gotten your pics for this tube, adhoc, send me a PM and i'll see what i can do with a little macro action
  20. EdipisReks

    Jazz at the Pawnshop

    i picked up the XRCD version of this recently, mostly so i could hear the supposed "greatest jazz recording evar!11!!" i gotta say, it's not the most original jazz recording i've heard, but damn if it isn't just like sitting at a real performance at a little funky coffee shop. i thought Patricia...
  21. EdipisReks

    Need blues recommendations...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Jubei Great info about Mississippi John Hurt. Thanks. you are quite welcome Quote: I have recently become interested in the acoustic blues style and on re-listening to a compilation of live Newport festival tracks on Vanguard, have come to...
  22. EdipisReks

    Preamp woth optical input?

    there are DACs that have preamp ability, like the presonus central station and the benchmark dac-1.
  23. EdipisReks

    Good 16 ohms headset under 40 USD ?

    the 201s are current hogs. i wouldn't really suggest them for unamped portable use.
  24. EdipisReks

    Need blues recommendations...

    a lot of his music is more old time music, as opposed to absolutely being "the blues", but i think Mississippi John Hurt is probably about as good as it gets in the acoustic styles. the Vanguard recordings from the 1960's are very good, and the 1920's Okeh recordings are a lot of fun (if a bit...
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    i thought they were very dry and uninvolving. apparently fit plays a pretty big part in how they sound, so ymmv.