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  1. skylinedo

    Audio Technica ATH-L5000

    What how did I miss this?
  2. skylinedo

    Sneak peek of Audio-Technica AT-HA5050H (pre-production unit)

    Just ordered mine this morning.  Also a bargain price, it being a floor model.    Now I'm very curious about your power cable.  I'm not able to get to their store for a demonstration, which model are you using?  How much do they run?  I'm not able to find any info online
  3. skylinedo

    Audio Technica AT-HA5050H and HA22Tube

    'Would also like to see a compro maybe against other amps in its (~$300) price range.  But seems changing out the tubes would change impressions everywhere!  Which makes it complicated when trying to determine "bang for buck."   This is my first amp so I have nothing but a sound card to...
  4. skylinedo

    DAC vs Onboard audio

    This got me scratching my head.  I only have FLAC files.    At the time when I tested with a $50 SIIG DAC using SPDIF supporting ONLY up to 16/96000 Hz.    I switched the source back to the stereo out (24/192000) using the same song & didn't touch the matched volume levels on the...
  5. skylinedo

    Computers onboard sound

    Mine can and I'm partially deaf!    EDIT: Someone just pointed out I don't have any files higher than FLAC 16/44100.  Currently trying to reproduce my earlier test results before I can confirm this 100% Your sound card will be sufficient until you find/hear a superior one using your...
  6. skylinedo

    DAC vs Onboard audio

    Just tested this just now ... stick with 196,000 hz.  In this hobby, stick with what yours ears tell you and not your peers.
  7. skylinedo

    How did you arrive at Audio Technicas ?

    Been listening to Japanese music for 8 years now. I then did research and landed myself some ATH-AD2000s but went to head-fi @ san jose. Got to hear the ATH-W11JPNs. Sounded so beautiful I cried. Went home, sold the AD2Ks. (Got ruined by the Orpheus tho.)   When did this get edited?  (6 years...
  8. skylinedo

    Best sound for under 30 Dollars?

    well not sure about the panasonics but the KSC75s were the reason I sold my Grados and Sonys.
  9. skylinedo

    Koss Pro/4AAA - 70's vintage cans

    they sound decent for their time. very neutral, weak in the bass area. those were the best headphones on the market back in the 70s until a company named Sennheiser sprung up.
  10. skylinedo

    Are Koss headphones really so breakable?

    my KSC75s literally take a beating (specifically the wiring). so far they're holding up great and maybe someday my soldering iron won't be so lonely ...
  11. skylinedo

    &%#@ Fans %&^#$!!!

    80mm Vantec Tornado's . j/k wire a switch to your current fans to toggle off/on when you're gaming or not. if not go w/ the UV silent, they're silent but don't push as much air. i personally went w/ the switch mod.
  12. skylinedo

    Anybody get the Mercury News newspaper?

    that's the first thing i noticed this morning, hd555 on the doggie
  13. skylinedo

    AKG K81DJ moding, some pictures :)

    wow, alot of k81 owners are really gonna appreciate this. hell even i'm kinda curious ... must save for headgasket change .... agggggh
  14. skylinedo

    I'm so poor.

    Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt if you have a car, you can just live in your car so that you don't have to pay rent. that will allow you to buy new headphone gear. i also lurk ferrarichat and found an appropriate quote: Quote: You can live in your car but you can't drive...
  15. skylinedo

    Lets play a game! Name a headphone in a movie or MV.

    in the departed they have sennheisers can't believe nobody contributed that.
  16. skylinedo

    Holy Crap, Batman!

    Quote: Originally Posted by ev13wt Really, you double click ;-) ?? YEP, my internet acts like a POS when first i start it up *pics unrelated*
  17. skylinedo

    Sony MDR-7506 & MDR-V6's

    get the beyer velour pads to replace em. that pleather crackage is inevitable.
  18. skylinedo

    My ATH a500 just broke =( Help please...

    AWESOME PICTURE LOL yeah and u can get the STEREO plug from radio shack for like under $5. under the GOLD Series label, there's one w/ soldering points and another one w/ little screws to connect the ground, left channel, and right channel. EDIT Make sure u get teh STEREO labeled one. Or...
  19. skylinedo

    How do you manage your looong cords?

    hrrrm, just kinda leave my 12 foot stereo cable extension running along the floor b/c i work out in my room. hate it when the chair rollers find the cable tho
  20. skylinedo

    Pictures of Your Portable Rig Part VII

    wow steve u take better pics than i do, and have a nicer camera Quote: Originally Posted by slwiser Surprisingly good sound: Apple Shuffle with my ATH-EW9s. The EW9s are the size of a quarter each.
  21. skylinedo

    Holy Crap, Batman!

    dammit that's false advertising ... i came in here expecting to read something batman-related. i want my double click back. anyways, if your computer stays home when u game, stick with the DT770s/a900s. but if you LAN(& drink) like me, you'll want a pair that would take a beating. i had the...
  22. skylinedo

    A new headphone ~$200

    regularly used on-the-go headphones have this problem b/c the wires eventually break away from the drivers. learn to solder so u can fix them or upgrade em.
  23. skylinedo

    PX100 woes

    haha I was drinking that night so I left that part out.
  24. skylinedo

    What's your main audio source?

    for me its my computer, i also have an external cd player i hardly use