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  1. gadgetman

    EFN Where are you?

    I sms him about my Baby Stax and he sometimes reply to me, but there's no indication that he's going to return it to me anytime soon. He's been saying that he's having a hard time in real life, but I don't think that's a good excuse to turn your back completely to the people and community...
  2. gadgetman

    EFN Where are you?

    @JDUBS: Same here. He's hung on to mine for more than 6 months now. My emails and phone calls haven't been returned for sometime. I do have his personal information and ways to leverage them if necessary. I've just got 'back' myself and have sort of ignored the issue for quite sometime and will...
  3. gadgetman

    Image X10 on Ebay ? Official dealer ?

    Did you try sending a message to the seller also?
  4. gadgetman

    iPhone 3G OS 3.0 sound quality improvement

    Seriously, you're driving an HD-650 with an iPhone? I'll have to try that one of these days. I thought it sounded quite ridiculous when I tried my HD-650 on iPhone 3G months ago before I upgraded to 3GS.
  5. gadgetman

    iPhone 3G OS 3.0 sound quality improvement

    Quite a reach to assume driver change would result in SQ difference though. It looks to me they just made some changes to the interface (whatever exposed to the programmers to pipe the sound to). More likely it tweaks the performance, which doesn't affect the SQ directly.
  6. gadgetman

    iPhone 3G OS 3.0 sound quality improvement

    Quote: Originally Posted by edart Placebo! Nah if Apple have not changed the sound part of the OS then why is it that Noise.IO pro is not outputting sound in 3.0? No sound output IPhone 3.0 beta? - - iPhone Synth How is this related to SQ change?
  7. gadgetman

    iPhone 3G OS 3.0 sound quality improvement

    Admit it! Y'all are drinkin the PLACEBO JUICE
  8. gadgetman

    So I think I'm Going to Buy An iMac

    Heya Jiggly, how's your switch so far? What's good, what's bad... and what's ugly
  9. gadgetman

    microphonics....etymotic ER6 (not 6i) vs HF5 ?

    I have also found ER4P, ER4S and HF5 all have microphonics. HF5 is slightly better than the ER4 series, but still ranks pretty high compared to other IEMs I've tried (Senn IE8, IE7, UM3x, W3..etc). Running them over the ears would 'fix' microphonics for the most part, but it may be harder to do...
  10. gadgetman

    Jennifer Connelly on a Pier

    Hmm... I prefer pier 1.
  11. gadgetman

    Okay so tell me I'm an idiot - Ebay :) Arrived Fine. Very Happy

    I've purchased an IE8 for a friend of mine from the mentioned seller (sx297_10). It was genuine and came sealed with the sennheiser ribbon. I don't think you've any reason to worry.
  12. gadgetman

    Phonak Audeo Defect Thread

    I just want to chime in that Phonak's customer service is nothing short of astounding! I bought a couple of phonaks (for me and my friend), got the infamous november batch PFE112s, and one of them cracked. It didn't take long for Bill to send replacement units for me, all the way on the other...
  13. gadgetman

    Victor HP-FX500 Review: World's first Wood Canalphones

    @Duncan: I'll take a pic of my FX500's box tomorrow. But from looking at that page on Apple store, I can tell you that you got a cooler pouch =P The FX500's pouch is square with rounded corners.
  14. gadgetman

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9A - good price, not ebay

    Nice find. This is one of the best portables available in the market right now..
  15. gadgetman

    In defense of Skullcandy headphones!

    Skullcandy is already paying bands like Metallica to 'defend' them... ...maybe what you're actually trying to do is 'enlighten' the 'ignorant' mass on head-fi that there's more to life than just sound quality?
  16. gadgetman

    Sent 2 Shure SE530's in for repair

    @bonem: where? how much? what connector is placed on it?
  17. gadgetman

    Why do Metallica endorse Metalli-Cans Skullcandy Hesh and Lowrider???

    @AdamCalifornia: ROFL, you're welcome to just point to the picture or quote my post to yours to simplify things.. BTW that pic was taken from's front page.
  18. gadgetman

    Any Gabriel Knight fans out there?

    OMG yea.. I love the atmosphere in that game.. especially the hand animated ones. The 3D version (was that the third?) was pretty meh..
  19. gadgetman

    Why do Metallica endorse Metalli-Cans Skullcandy Hesh and Lowrider???

    At least they're honest in their ads..
  20. gadgetman

    Talk me out of The Beats By Dre.

    Aw heck, go for it if it makes you happy. Write a review after you get it..
  21. gadgetman

    iBasso D2 static mod

    Just saw this tip and I noticed the same inside my D2 Viper. Thanks MONVMENTVM, the tip worked just fine on my Viper No more static with USB + Power adapter now after the mod.
  22. gadgetman

    MSN article: Why Skullcandy Is SO Hot

    Any business that makes as much profit as skullcandy is hot in my book. And I love the irony in this ad...
  23. gadgetman

    Just for Laugh :)

    There's a great idea there somewhere for neat earphones storage solution.