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  1. googleborg

    Info on the "aune" USB DAC/Amp

    Still using the good old Aune I bought back in September 2010 :)  Been faultless.
  2. googleborg

    Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

    Really looking forward to getting this amp from EA (British/European supplier?). 
  3. googleborg

    Is it worth buying a good amp for my HD 555s?

    i run mine from my amps output (yamaha a-s700 or a nad c300) or sometimes my Aune DAC/headphone amp - all are significantly better than using headphones right off the onboard!
  4. googleborg

    PSU filter - little device good for computer audio

    it's almost definitely home made :) (see the fraying on the 4pin molex lead, has been cannibalised from a PSU).   nice job if so, looks...interesting :)
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    EMF and Brain Damage?

  6. googleborg

    Solid State Vibration Isolation: Utter Tripe?

    i do kinda chuckle when i see all those amps on stilts
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    Radio-Fi : The AM/FM tuner thread

    i recently sold my Onkyo T9090II, was a very nice tuner indeed, nicest i've heard/used and built very well.  use internet radio now.   that said I still have an old Ultra valve tuner i use when my PC/hifi is down for modification too :D  not worth much at all, but it's pristine and makes me...
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    Western Digital Drive Sale

    i bought many 500gb 7200rpm single platter drives ran in raid1 to use in computers i built, seagate or samsung, forget which; they run very cool, are slimmer than normal and make almost no noise.  that they would be more reliable than 2+ platter 'makes sense', all else being equal.    ...
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    Frequency Response Curves

    ah cheers :)
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    Frequency Response Curves

    how is a FR test done, with what sound that is...white noise or a pure tone sweep from 1Hz-20KHz  am thinking that the later is almost worthless as music is lots of freqs all at once aye?  wouldn't really tell anything from a single freq with regards to how 'good' a driver is i guess.  ...
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    Optical TOSLINK vs. USB: Which connection is better to connect a DAC?

    Quote: what, like, dedicated measuring equipment?   oh! you meant a fancy hi-fi!    stop embarrassing yourself.
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    hope it serves you well, audio gd tempted me but my budget was on the small side 
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    How Do Drivers Break?

      Quote: naughty coil.     on a more serious note it's always worth checking your amp for dc offset :D mine had something like 50mv which isn't terrible but now it has about 0.5mv and brand new trimpots, all it took was my cheapo DMM and £5 for 8x bourns 12-turn trimpots from...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    i've not yet used a class D/T amp :(   Quote:  
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    i have an Aune MKIIse, it's just fine and nicely built, likes 15v over 12v tbh, no change at all giving it 18v from what i can tell, no optical in though, annoyingly.  Headphone section, whilst very clear and able enough, can't beat all-round my cheap nad c300 integrated, but then i doubt any of...
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    Calling All "Vintage" Integrated/Receiver Owners

    might be because it's a digital amp?  i think they explode or something if you try to attach headphones in a conventional manner 'cos of separate grounds :(  nice of them to provide the socket though rather than blather on about 'simplifying' their amp.   Quote:
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    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF "On-chip adaptive clock generator (ACG) supports asynchronous, synchronous and adaptive synchronization modes for isochronous endpoints"   IC3 is possibly some kinda...
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    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    also i am guessing one of the ICs can produce it's own clock...hence the need for only one xtal
  19. googleborg

    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    thanks for the internal shot wood :)
  20. googleborg

    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    i am confused as to exactly what problem it is they solve
  21. googleborg

    Musical Fidelity V-LINK USB SPDIF

    available here in the UK for £90   and inside shots would be very nice indeed :)
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    Quick question about the LM317! (and other such regulators)

      finally got round to getting it away from the PCB using teflon sheathed (very) solid copper wires, less than 6 inches including traces from the caps, and changed the trimpots for much better bourns 10k 12 turn ones, so... easy to adjust now! :)   interesting that the temp of the LM317t...
  23. googleborg

    MP3 Debate: 320CBR vs V0

    for the no difference between flac and mp3 brigade, i will/can ABX .flac from .mp3 anytime, anyplace, anywhere.  yay mr T!   for mp3, i would use VBR as i'd only use mp3 when space is a concern.  i really doubt i could abx VBR from 320.