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  1. StealthyCow

    JMoney Beyer Pads with RP-21s update: Recieved, w/ general questions

    despite this thread's inactivity, I decided to just go for it and get them. well, I got them, and I hope a few more people see this, because this is really just a general question more than anything, but I didn't want to make another thread.   one thing I didn't account for was getting these...
  2. StealthyCow

    JMoney Beyer Pads with RP-21s update: Recieved, w/ general questions

    Hey guys. So I was searching around for new pads for my RP-21s (old ones are getting on my nerves, very hard material with lots of use) and was going to buy the Beyer DT770 replacement pads from their site...which is when I found the JMoney pads. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience using...
  3. StealthyCow

    new computer speakers for <$150?

    hey guys. basically, what the title says. my friend gave me his logitech z-2300s a while ago, not really too happy with them. a while ago when I got these speakers I also got a creative x-fi xtrememusic from a head-fier for a good price with some modifications done so I think the next logical...
  4. StealthyCow

    thread change! Pioneer PL-7 just bought.

    I don't think you can delete threads, otherwise this wouldn't be here...but. I just picked up a pioneer PL-7 eBay. I was too excited about gettin a record player after I had been lookin for a while to consider whether I was gettin' a good price ($40 with shipping!) but I didn't really care...
  5. StealthyCow

    would a logitech z-2300 setup benefit from a cheap (>$80) soundcard?

    I have a little extra money to throw away on audio equipment, and a soundcard was something I've always heard was, simply put, not worth it, unless you have an amazing sound system, or you're listening through headphones. occasionally, I'll put on my RP-21s late at night, but usually I'll just...
  6. StealthyCow

    so after about 2 months, I really like my NE-7ms, but...

    god damn, I cannot stand to have them in my ears anymore. I guess it's the tips that are bugging me, but they are just so uncomfortable. I was never really cool with IEMs in the first place, but I used some mylarone x3is for a long time and I guess I sort of just got used to it. but the...
  7. StealthyCow

    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    just got mine yesterday. 25 cents more for expedited shipping was totally worth it. I haven't listened much, but I'm definitely glad to be back from my backup INK'd phones. I'm not the type to describe sound or anything, and I've had one other pair of IEMS which were mylarone x3is, but I do...
  8. StealthyCow

    REVIEW: Nuforce NE-7M iPhone IEM vs Denon C700 and Klipsch Image X10 (NE-8 Impressions Added 1/15/09)

    Ordered a pair last night. my mylarone x3is recently broke and I've been dying to get rid of my piece of crap skullcandy INK'd backups I bought a long time ago. I don't have a phone, just a regular iPod, and I'm already broke as hell, so I'm not going to be spending $15 more on extra tips...
  9. StealthyCow

    my mylarone x3is finally broke today :(

    my problem is less along the lines of a wire problem and more of a "lets just say my dog ate them" problem >_>
  10. StealthyCow

    my mylarone x3is finally broke today :(

    they were beautiful and ruby. I loved them with all my heart. the sound quality was awesome, they were comfortable (for the most part, when they were uncomfortable it was just the whole 'foreign object in the ear' thing) and very affordable. but today they finally fell apart in my backpack...
  11. StealthyCow

    the little "paper" thing on my mylarone X3is fell off

    yeah I know about the bad build quality thing but people were saying sound quality like $150 earphones for $57 and I was tempted and I didn't think I'd be too rough on them but apparently I was wrong
  12. StealthyCow

    the little "paper" thing on my mylarone X3is fell off

    crazy glue would probably help, but another problem is I have no idea when or where the filter fell off. I've looked through the case they came with, through my backpack where I keep said case, can't find it. I just took them out to listen to for the first time in a week and the filter wasn't there.
  13. StealthyCow

    the little "paper" thing on my mylarone X3is fell off

    >_> I don't think the technical term is "paper thing" but the little black...uh...paper thing that covers the inside of the headphones. yeah, the left one fell off. so I can see inside of it and stuff, and I assume unwanted foreign stuff can get in there and may cause some harm. so I'm kinda...
  14. StealthyCow

    Horray, my Caffine amp arrived today!

    Unfortunately I don't have any way to connect it to my iPod to test it out! Yay! So here's my question to Head-Fi: I'm mainly using this for portable use through my iPod. I was trying to find some info, but decided to just ask my good friends at Head-Fi instead. I'm just looking for a...
  15. StealthyCow

    So today I got my brother's record player...thing.

    it has been sitting in my dad's garage since my brother moved away for college, and last night I was at a concert, long story short, I bought 2 records because I thought they looked pretty. So I was telling my dad yeah now I can look at them money well spent and he told me I could take my...
  16. StealthyCow

    Beyerdynamic LEATHER PADS now AVAILABLE

    So did they stop shipping to the US or something? The store is buggy as hell as it is, I just want some earpads
  17. StealthyCow

    Show us your dog!

    aww puppy-fi sacd, my old dog was a rottweiler/lab mix named Coco. Much <3 for her And strangedaze, my dad has a boxer named Duke, amazing dog Anyways, all I have of my dogs are crappy camera phone quality pictures, but here they are anyways Mocha, 2 year old Chocolate Lab...
  18. StealthyCow

    Band Name Game!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Quaddy orbital Lucksmiths
  19. StealthyCow

    ATTENTION: Please report all bugs/malfunctions in this thread.

    dunno if the posting in selling/buying/trading forums thing has been addressed yet. some people with less than 50 posts and have been members less than 30 days can post, others with more than 50 and 30 days can't.
  20. StealthyCow

    Post the last thing you bought. Oh fun!

    A PenguinAmp "The Caffeine" amp. Impulse buys hurt my financial status.
  21. StealthyCow

    Favorite movie, movie/sountrack?

    I will always stand by The Blues Brothers for this.
  22. StealthyCow

    So what are you spending on Valentines Day. Squishable Duck I will sleep with it on Valentine's Day night, pretending its the girlfriend I don't have for yet another February 14th ;_; my tears taste like sorrow
  23. StealthyCow

    Post your computer specs!~

    E6750 @ 3.0 GHz 2GB Crucial Ballistix RAM 250 GB Seagate pretty coolermaster case 7900GS (back up off my old gfx card plz)
  24. StealthyCow

    Last CD purchase?

    The Lucksmiths 1. Naturaliste 2. Where Were We? I was really surprised when I saw these 2 in the store. I had some of their older stuff so I picked them up, so far I love them more than before.
  25. StealthyCow

    REVIEW: PenguinAmp Caffeine portable headphone amp w/BASS BOOST - Aka HEADSTAGE LYRIX

    Just ordered one. Another impulse buy. It looked really cool, and $50? that's nothing. that other thread kind of got me scared though. I hope there aren't any problems :S