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  1. a1rocketpilot

    Dell Mini 9 Audio Hackery

    Hey guys, I'm back again! I just picked up a Dell Mini 9 and am thus far loving the little machine. However, in my quest to tear apart and hack everything I own, I took it apart yesterday, in a quest to find the audio output circuitry. Looking around the headphone jack, all I saw were surface...
  2. a1rocketpilot

    The Car/Motorcycle/Motorsport/Anything fast enough to do something stupid in thread!

    I've got a Tiptronic in my Legacy. While it is more fun than just sticking it in Drive, it's no substitute for a proper manual gearbox. I love how much more involved it feels when using a clutch and directly manipulating the gears. Ideally though, I'd have a proper sequential gearbox, with a...
  3. a1rocketpilot

    The Car/Motorcycle/Motorsport/Anything fast enough to do something stupid in thread!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Wmcmanus I agree. Of course, I do miss the money. Especially during times like this! Mine wasn't exactly a low budget Atom, but even after adding almost every option they offer (including carbon fiber everywhere, and engine, suspension and brakes...
  4. a1rocketpilot

    What is the best gaming/movie/music can...

    I'll also recommend the DT-770/80. They are a very fun headphone to listen to, and are great for gaming/movies/music. They were my first headphone and I chose them because I wanted to use them for gaming and music. They will not disappoint. It is very easy to pinpoint sounds in games with the...
  5. a1rocketpilot

    UE-10 or UE-11

    I have never heard a UE-10, but I will say that my UE-11 is just about the most euphonic headphone I've ever heard. I am almost willing to end my Head-Fi journey with the UE-11 alone. The UE-11 definitely has the best soundstage of any IEM I've heard, but as is the case with IEM's, it doesn't...
  6. a1rocketpilot

    What to do in San Diego?

    Thanks for the replies guys. So far, it looks like Phil's BBQ, Stereo Unlimited, and the Zoo are definitely in our plans. The other intern here is also an audio/videophile, and he was also interested in that. The record stores would be a good choice, if I actually had an LP setup, but the...
  7. a1rocketpilot

    What to do in San Diego?

    Hey guys, long time no see! I took a bit of a Head-Fi break this year after picking up autocrossing and heading out to Mojave, CA for a rocket internship. Anyway, I hope to be back more often and actually post up like I used to, but for now, got a quick question. I'm going to be down in San...
  8. a1rocketpilot

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Any of you guys happen to have a spare REG101UA-A and REG101UA-33 by any chance or know of where I can get some? All the major suppliers look like they're out.
  9. a1rocketpilot

    I'm #191, what are you?

    I will be 806! Thanks to stupid posts like this... However, I like to think that all of my posts (except this one) have immeasurable amounts of substance and are not just full of fluff or filler...
  10. a1rocketpilot

    I'm #191, what are you?

    BigPoppa, you were 807, now I am, but soon...
  11. a1rocketpilot

    My mum say's I need a razor...

    I use a Schick Injector E-type and Feather Super Professional blades, the sharpest, manliest blades you can find. They will provide such an incredibly smooth, irritation free, and close shave. I really haven't nicked myself too bad with that combo ever, but should a small nick happen, you won't...
  12. a1rocketpilot

    Summer Atlanta Meet - July 5, 2008 (Loganville, GA)

    As I posted in the other thread in the Member's Forum, I am in. Usual stuff for me as far as headphones go, though I might have an AlienDAC put together before then. My SOHA is turning into a beast of a project with the casework I'm planning, so that is not guaranteed. I've just been so busy...
  13. a1rocketpilot

    Atlanta/Loganville, GA

    I was wondering recently if we're going to have another meet anytime. Count me in as always!
  14. a1rocketpilot

    woodied ksc75

    At an Atlanta meet a couple years ago, hozo brought along a pair of KSC-75's for which he had created wood enclosures. They looked great but the wood enclosure screwed up the sonics and it ended up sounding really hollow. Whoever attempts this will have to be very careful with laying out the...
  15. a1rocketpilot

    Giveaway: 2 ε22 v1.00 PCBs **COMPLETED**

    I'll go ahead and throw my name in the hat.
  16. a1rocketpilot

    Best engine sound - for all you car nuts

    Quote: Originally Posted by subtle A quick Google search would turn up that the only ProDrive iteration to ever be featured on Top Gear was the P2. Ah, it was the only Prodrive to be featured on the current iteration of Top Gear. However, you do more commonly find the P1 being...
  17. a1rocketpilot

    Best engine sound - for all you car nuts

    The Merlin is just spectacular. I've always wanted a Merlin powered vehicle (and fully intend to buy/make one once I become that eccentric multimillionaire...), but the problem is that it's just too damn heavy for a car. And yes, the P2 does sound good, but I am a bit biased, since I love the...
  18. a1rocketpilot

    Balanced UE's

    I've actually thought about doing this before. I'd probably end up making a dedicated unity gain balanced buffer specifically for the UE-11's. I wonder what kind of improvements could be had from doing this though, if it would be worth the added cost and effort.
  19. a1rocketpilot

    Best engine sound - for all you car nuts

    In no particular order, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, the Enzo Ferrari (which I've heard in person and is just spectacular in every sense. Really though, I can't think of a bad sounding Ferrari), the Ascari A10, any of the V8 F1 engines (not too fond of the V10's, I don't like that overtone, the...
  20. a1rocketpilot

    If you own a UE11Pro - was it worth it?

    I don't know if my opinion will be valid, since I won my pair. However, assuming that I wasn't on a student budget, I would have no problem with buying another. They are fantastic. You really have to hear them to understand why everyone says they're good. My dream headphone is still the K1000...
  21. a1rocketpilot

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    Well they are stacked film, instead of being wound, so inductance shouldn't me an issue should it? As far as construction goes, it's the same as a multi-layer ceramic cap, but instead of the dielectric being ceramic, it's film. Or at least that's what the data sheets led me to believe. If they...
  22. a1rocketpilot

    wow, I didn't know it was possible to actually blow up an IC...

    Yeah, the first CMoy I built, the same thing happened. It was late one night, and I guess I wasn't paying attention when I soldered the battery terminals, but suffice to say, +9v went where -9v should have gone. I turned it on, nothing happened for a second, but then, with a pop, a gush of...
  23. a1rocketpilot

    Alien DAC v1.1 Construction Thread

    So I'm getting my BOM together, and I was wondering if it would be possible to use a lower value for C14-C19. I was planning on using the Panasonic ECH(U)-B (Digikey #PCF1120CT-ND PPS caps from Digikey, until I found that they only have up to 39nf, instead of the 100nf that it specifies...
  24. a1rocketpilot

    ε24: Power switch driver circuit

    I'd definitely be up for one. Those switches look sexy, and I bet it would look even cooler with tubes in the dark.
  25. a1rocketpilot

    Tornado Rips Through Atlanta!!!

    I was at my friends place (just north of Midtown, 3 miles or so from GT) last night and today, helping them pack and actually doing the move today. We had to run to Home Depot on Ponce to pick up some materials last night, and it was still nice and calm when we pulled in. However, a minute after...