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  1. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Hooked 'em up today - out of the gate they suck big time, but that's expected. My brand new HD580 were even worse when I got them, and a week later (post 150 hours burn-in) I wasn't able to believe it's the same headphone. Boy, HD201 with the right mode is such a great set of cans ...
  2. Xakepa

    Who here tried the Sennheiser Orpheus?

    Spent 1.5 hours with Orpheus at one of the Boston area meetings (thanks Single Power). Best ever. You have to hear it for yourself to believe, with a quality recording.
  3. Xakepa

    Denon AH-D2000 - New @ $243 USD

    Wow, I got 'em today ...even though Amazon told me Dec 28. I'll keep 'em under the Xmass tree for now ...
  4. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Problem solved, and the credits go to Linuxworks. Thanks a lot. Head-Fi works. I'm not sure what was I doing wrong, but the DAC somehow wasn't locking to the TBAAM. Following your post I tried that again and wow it worked! Windows XP, FB KS to TBAAM @ 16-bit, no DSPs - and the DAC locked...
  5. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Nope, TBAAM won't work. That's what I have now - it can't keep redbook pristine, it resamples to 48KHz. I went through a lot of pains to get my DAC bias in check without having any caps in the signal path, and I want to keep the DAC, but it won't process 48KHz I'll get one of the $25 dongles...
  6. Xakepa

    USB to TOSLINK/SPDIF converter

    Thanks guys, but considering I'm not interested in anything above redbook fidelity is there "a plain and simple" solution along the lines of buffer-clock-decoder/encoder which can be DIY'ed for a day and cost less than a $100. I guess I'm asking for too much ...
  7. Xakepa

    Comedian George Carlin Dies...

    I was suppose to see him in a month...and we were looking forward to it...that sucks...well, life is worth losing indeed. Pease, Forever
  8. Xakepa

    Radiohead in Rainbows download - how much did you pay?

    When I read about the whole deal, sitting on my lappy and scanning Drudgereport, I was chewing on a Subway deli. I was lucky to make it to the checkout I pulled the reciept from the plastic bag and it was $6.47 total. So I paid $7 or whatever the currency exchange say $7 was. Well, "it" works...
  9. Xakepa

    Have You "(Radiohead's) In Rainbows"?: Impressions thread

    3-rd run through it... Simplified well-polished sound, less pretencious, contained, MATURE, easy to listen...just as expected IMO. No Kid A here, no The Bends "Let's get a break from breaking the ice and have a coffee"
  10. Xakepa

    What artist(s) do you have all their albums?

    Let me see... Bjork Coldplay Cream Dead Can Dance Depeche Mode Dire Straits Dream Theater King Crimson Massive Attack Marillion (w/Fish) Muse Pink Floyd Radiohead Roger Waters Placebo Sigur Ros U2
  11. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik I use 2003/XP at work. At least one reboot per day. Many lockups, corrupted documents, and on and on. There's definitely smth messed up on hardware or software level. Check the hardware, if you can replace the PSU (I'd say reboots are 60%...
  12. Xakepa

    128kbps MP3's sound indistinguishbly transparent to me

    Do NOT resample in FB, probably you messed it up smhow there. 128 MP3 is not transparent even with a low-fi gear, try smth with many instruments like Buena Vista Social Club CD. From 192 and up though your ABX might fail - regardless of the gear. I've tried once with a top-of-the-world gear...
  13. Xakepa

    tell me your favorite opamp!

    Depends very much on the position in the signal path and the rest of the setup. Check my sig.
  14. Xakepa

    Aaarrgh, Mac OSX Leopard delayed

    Quote: Originally Posted by Thelonious Monk mac computers suck even more Second that. Most Mac people are generally ignorant about Windows mashines, and PC guys don't care about Mac (before they're stuck with one). Being here and there, I'd say Mac OS have more glitches than...
  15. Xakepa

    Floor Seat Experience in Concerts

    I've seen both ways. If the scene is well elevated, front rows are usually seated. However, depending on the crowd as well...I'd say you're 50/50 here 400
  16. Xakepa

    Getting good sound from a Macbook Pro

    I'm a MB user and I honestly I think MBP is a ripoff. You'll pay half a grand extra for a slightly better CPU and slightly faster grafics...I won't see any difference except with Google Earth maybe... White MB at 2.0 GHz and 1GB RAM + $30 second skin ~ $1100...and it's all but in-par with our...
  17. Xakepa

    Do you resample...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Drewpy The DAC does not upsample the PCM stream. The audio card's drivers (or Windows KMixer) do that, and do a pretty poor job according to most. Alternative software resampling, such as SRC, will do a better job. This statement it technically...
  18. Xakepa

    Do you resample...

    No No No, I never do...have more respect for the DAC - it's DACs job to (up)sample, and it does it best.
  19. Xakepa

    Best way to hookup DAC???

    Hmm, I'm using Toslink and I have no problem with it. That'll be the last thing I'll care about - all (possible) software resamplings, DAC flavor or (heaven forbid) capacitors in the signal path will make much more of a difference. Spend ALL the time it takes to make sure you get NOS...
  20. Xakepa

    Weller WESD51?

    Our undergrads bought the WES51 and use it on daily basis. It's too small for my hand, temperature control is a pain (have to reset every time it goes into sleep mode), and it's not powerfull enough even for not-so-thick ground plane. I'm using it solely for SMT.
  21. Xakepa

    Got macbook--sound leaves much to be desired

    Quote: Originally Posted by 4metta Perhaps I should edit my first post that makes it sound like the macbook sounds like crap. Not to my ears. MB's audio far better than any notebooks I had in the past. Even unamped. Resolution is OK, the top is flatish (which I like) and bass is...
  22. Xakepa

    MacBook Pro - Firewire or Line-Out?

    MB doesn't sound bad even with low-ohm cans like HD201 or PortaPro to my ears...not sure I'll go for anything...damn, have to update my sig
  23. Xakepa

    quick Q about diy pc fan speed controller.

    When you kill the fans, you'll start hearing harddrives. It never ends, just like here...