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  1. psychogentoo

    Popeyes > KFC

    Quote: Originally Posted by flamerz I LOVE Ezelle's! Sweet potato pie...mmmmmmm
  2. psychogentoo

    Popeyes > KFC

    Quote: Originally Posted by socrates63 Really? I need get out more often. Renton is the happening place in the NW, isn't it? You have the only Fry's and Popeyes... and you're trying to lure the Sonics. I wouldn't say Renton is a happenin' place >.> Gees...please put away the Jump...
  3. psychogentoo

    Instrumentalists: Have you spent more on Audio or Instruments?

    My recent Mesa Boogie Roadster purchase tipped the scales over to the instrument side.
  4. psychogentoo

    Microphones for Vent/TS - ATR35s mic?

    I've been using Sennheiser PC160s for gaming. While the PC160s are okay, I want to start using the HD650s instead. I still need a microphone to use for the voice servers and would like a lavalier type microphone to use instead of a desktop mic. Has anyone used Audio Technica ATR35s with...
  5. psychogentoo

    unix shell script question

    Have you looked into Expect? I think this is what you're looking for <waves hand>
  6. psychogentoo

    Speaking of Coke...Songs that Stick in Your Head

    Quote: Originally Posted by dvallere Hey, if I'm suffering, I'm going to spread it around as much as possible! The Super Mario 64 music is pretty bad for stickin' in the head. There was a point where Alex was playing it every day for about 2 weeks straight and it even started running...
  7. psychogentoo

    What PC Game are you playing now?

    World of Warcraft on my Mac.
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    So Im going to teach myself guitar, anyone play here?

    Quote: Originally Posted by RnB180 hah, no electrostatic headphone can replicate music as close to a real acoustic guitar and a human voice Ill be able to have my own audiophile listening sessions better than any multi grand headphone can ever produce Sweet! Feel free to drop...
  9. psychogentoo

    So Im going to teach myself guitar, anyone play here?

    Quote: Originally Posted by alexs no, it's not really a mistake. That's pretty much what I bought when I started. On the other hand it's good to buy a better guitar if you know for sure you will continue to play. Everything will just sound better, and be more rewarding. Or buying...
  10. psychogentoo

    So Im going to teach myself guitar, anyone play here?

    Get yourself a good chord book. IIRC lots of church music has chord references above the standard notation. You'll be able to pick out the strumming pattern based on the music. I have taken lessons from a GIT graduate in the past. When I had asked about "re-learning" standard notation for...
  11. psychogentoo

    Holy vintage gear, Batman!

    Quote: Originally Posted by jpelg "Whatever you do, don't stick your fingers into both sides at the same time!" ZOMG ROTFLMAO Jpelg.
  12. psychogentoo

    Why dont guitar amps kill speakers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Senn20 The power stage needs to be pushed hard to saturate, so on a master volume amplifier, if set high enough, the power section still does saturate. Pre amp gain alone generally sounds buzzy and annoying. Ahh. thanks. Plethora of info to be had at...
  13. psychogentoo

    Why dont guitar amps kill speakers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by NotJeffBuckley Bingo. Guitar speakers are designed to be run to and beyond clipping point. Some amplifiers rely primarily on the pre-amp and power-amp clipping, but many utilize speaker clipping as well to get that saturated, crunchy sound. As guitar...
  14. psychogentoo

    People are true to their iBuds!

    Quote: Originally Posted by cheechoz Well she was quite classy by the way she was dressed, a hottie to say the least, so this would lead me to beleive that the poor thing is just misguided! yes cute hotties, they can be misguided. The uncute, well.... Tell us more about this...
  15. psychogentoo

    Apple "Boot Camp" allows you to run Windows on your Mac!

    Sweet. I'm glad they didn't announce this sooner (like April 1st). lol now only if they will make the 17" Macbooks.
  16. psychogentoo

    Which K701 do you have?

    Quote: Originally Posted by markvj 1945 here. 1944 here.
  17. psychogentoo

    Mic preamp recommendation?

    thanks for the link. my brain hurts now from reading. ty
  18. psychogentoo

    Mic preamp recommendation?

    Wow thanks Rick. I'm going to go check out the Rane preamp. yeah right now my budget is around $100 for this...I just bought a JEM 7V to replace my Satriani model, Pod xt to replace the Boss GT5 and K701 so my play fund is running low. When I started on the head-fi journey, the initial...
  19. psychogentoo

    Mic preamp recommendation?

    Hello All, I'm starting to setup a home recording rig and I'm in need of some suggestions. Right now, I have the POD xt going to my M-Box with the outputs going to a X-Can V3 and then onto my monitors. I've been using a Shure SM57 to mic up my amp in the past. When I try using the SM57...
  20. psychogentoo

    What's your favorite OS?

    Quote: Originally Posted by solaris Mac OS 10.4 all the way! You mean its NOT Solaris???
  21. psychogentoo

    computer geek or killer?

    9/10 Its a toughy. They all really could go either way...
  22. psychogentoo

    K701 - Feb Shipment Update

    Quote: Originally Posted by Ayreonaut He's going to turn around a shipment of 40 in an hour?! Apparently he has the boxes and stuff all lined up for a one man assembly line!!!
  23. psychogentoo

    When does K701 come?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Clutz Did he have any idea when the next batch was expected? Cheers, Clutz He said to expect the next batch from AKG to be on a more regular schedule so no more waiting around for months. He mentioned 1-2 weeks.
  24. psychogentoo

    When does K701 come?

    I made the another thread regarding the possible shipment date based on my conversation with Todd this morning. If Fedex drops off the headphones today at 3PM then he said will try his best to get it packed up and shipped by 4PM, hence him charging the cards early. If not he will most likely...