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    Refurbished ATH M50

    they are listed as an authorized reseller......
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    Refurbished ATH M50

    I only read few guy at another forum that bought from there without issue, but why would you buy refurbished from them, when the M50 new is just $10 more? Did you see the click for $50 coupon link under the New M50 ?
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    ** Confessions of a Failing Audiophile ** - I hated the LCD2

    This is my first post on head-fi since 2006, and really I haven't paid attention to head-fi since I decided that I was in a good spot with HD580/HD280Pro+HeadFive for home listening, and UE Super fi5/Triple fi for portable listening (with sprinkles of Koss KSC-35/75/portapro, HD497, mee...
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    de-j2000 for 100 bucks at

    thanks for the heads up, just ordered one. guess my d-777 can retire from frontline duties now
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    World's best AB workout!!!

    ygpm KR...I want in on the fun too
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    So Cal meet 1st of March!!!

    well gang, I'm afraid I may have to drop out. There was a fire in the livingroom of my house, every thing is gone. It's not safe to live in the house any more and I need to find an apartment to move to. if I get this done early sat then there is still a chance I can go....
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    Wagner's ring cycle

    Beside the Solti and Karajan sets, can any one recommend other complete ring cycle sets on cd? or is it better to get different parts and assemble your own set? thanks
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    So Cal meet 1st of March!!!

    got a scare today when I got my schedule at work, and they schedule me for working on the sat of march 1st. good thing I was able to get a coworker to switch days with me I will bring a meta42 as well.
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    please help me decide on a source to buy

    I did a bit of research into that musichall player and found out that it's actually a Shanling player, I have a friend that visit Shenzhen every few month, I'll see if I can get him to bring a shanling cd-s100 back.
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    please help me decide on a source to buy

    hi, no I don't have a md player. I may buy one in the future, but right now I'm looking at cd and sacd players only.
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    So Cal get-together -- revisited!

    I'm interested in a meet in oc as well. I can bring a meta42, hd580, hd280, and hd497. also sony d-777 pcdp and treo 10 if anyone want to check those out...saturday would be the best in my case. I really want to check out some of the sources and try some AT or beyer cans.
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    help id a piece of classical music

    Thank you. I'll be adding it to my shopping list, can you recommend any particular recording of this one?
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    help id a piece of classical music

    Can some one tell me the title and composer of this piece of music? thanks