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    Happy as a Pig in Schiit: Introducing Modi Multibit

    Audiolab 8000 is definitely an integrated amp with a volume control.  
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    Interest check! Chiunifi November 8th 2008 (Chicago area event)

    Put me on the list... I'm definitely interested in attending this year.
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    US Stores that carry Grados

    You could also try calling / contacting Grado for a list of retailers in your area.
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    Best programmable universal remotes?

    In that price range, the Harmony is your best bet. Another option is the Home Theater Master remotes... from Universal Remote control. The upper line of their remotes MX-3000 are incredible, haven't really used the entry level remotes from them but definitely worth checking out.
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    Internet Scavenger Hunt

    I want to see a needle in a haystack
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    Most transparent preamps?

    I used to have a Mark Levinson No.380S. I thought it to be very transparent back when I had it in the late 90's. The unit retailed for about $6500 in 1998-99ish. I see them on Audiogon now and then for about $1500
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    Internet Scavenger Hunt

    Here's your baby swimming in water. I want to see the engine from a SSC Ultimate Aero
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    Which standalone DAC should I get?

    The Keces DA-151 (standalone USB) sounds amazing for the price as well.
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    Some advice needed - Playing music from computer

    Quote: Originally Posted by robojack Would I need a USB DAC for that, or would a regular DAC be all that I need? If I do need a DAC, could someone recommend a few models? I was looking at a Zero DAC, but I'm not sure if that's relative to what I need. If your sound card has...
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    Are headphone amps pointless...

    Most headphone amps are in fact pointless. Most of the ones I've seen are rectangular or even rounded. I can't say I've ever seen a pointed amp.
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    Best headphone under $100.

    SR60 / 80
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    Internet Scavenger Hunt

    I want to see a picture of Lou Gherig from July 4th 1939.
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    Next Food Network Star

    Adam had an original idea with the online interactive cooking show. Food network used the idea to create a new show called Ask Aida. Adam wasn't a chef or a food expert by any means, but at least he was entertaining and funny. He would get my vote if the poll was still open. The person who...
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    Universal player under 1000$ ?

    There's always this one as well... Sherwood Newcastle SD-871 DVD Player Sherwood Newcastle is the OEM for much of the Denon / Marantz gear.
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    Mouse or trackball?

    Sadly, I'm not coordinated enough to use a trackball.