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    Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 Thread

    quick question - can anyone confirm if Vi have replaceable microphone cable??
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    Quote: Originally Posted by DoubleEs L'Eau Par Kenzo and Kenzo Air werd exactly my favourites as well
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    ipod classic + super.fi5 pro
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    Pictures of Your Portable Rig [Part X]

    @post above - what is that thing between ipod and pico amp? Some sort of ipod-to-dac thingy? or what?
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    Help, replacement for KSC35 :-(

    get yourself sporta pro and put sporta pro speakers onto ksc35 hooks. You get brand new ksc35 unless koss somehow chooses which drivers go to which model of phones, which i highly doubt
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    Questions about the Kenwood HD30GB9

    does it support Mac OSX ? can't find info on it anywhere btw. Pangaea: great avatar i love greg dulli
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    Poll: Which OS do you use with your iPod?

    Apple OS + Mac OS X 10.4.9 - usability for the win
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    What color iPod do you like?

    black i guess, but I really wish apple made ipod in all aluminium finish, matching my macbook pro... that would be killer, like silver nano, all alu
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    Audio Technica ATH-ES7 any good for me?

    Hi im looking into getting myself some closed cans for urban action, but can't decide which should i get. I like the sound signature of grado and KPP, don't want anything muddy, and would like tho retain the openness of SR80's mids and highs, i like spacious sound, but want to have some...
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    PX100 vs PortaPros vs KSC75

    porta pro for me, they seem to be the most detailed phones of the pack. or ksc35 if you want a little more clarity, but can sacrifice some on bass side of things
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    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    @fatcat - damn, that's one sexy setup i love the way ms2 and larocco's alu finish match that would look killer with silver mbp, or (if they made one, which i really wish) matching finish ipod / imod
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    Grado SR-80 vs. Alessandro MS-1

    id make a direct comparision for you if i could get hold of ms1s all in all, sr80's are very nice sounding phones, but mostly for rock music, guitar riffs are what sr80's are best at. they could use a bit more bass, especially that i listen to both rock and electronic music, but what is...
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    the demise of the CD

    full cd albums all the way for me there's that pimp factor you can rely on when you invite a girl over to your place and she's like "wow, thats a lot of cds" on the other hand i really wish there was itunes store over here in poland, now that the tracks are officially drm free it would be...
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    iMod dilemma; your advice requested

    What? im 99% sure that 4g fully supports smart playlists, that's at least what my friend's and my 4g did, what do you exactly mean? if i were you i'd just stick with current imod and wait until i have money for 5g imod