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    What's your favorite cheese?

    smoked Gouda, some good bread and a bottle of Rochefort 10 mmmmmmmmmm! I also like Fermunda Cheese
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    your favorite 80's songs

    The Cars Your All Ive Got Tonight was on their first album also.
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    Eminem retiring

    I cant wait for the big megabuck comeback tour
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    I just googled it and came up with a few Paul Anka References.
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    ksc75 is a giant killer part 2

    The meijer store in my area has the 75,s marked down to 11 bucks right now. You guys are tempting me. If i didnt allready have Sportapros i would have picked them up allready.
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    Photography Enthusiasts, Post Your Best Picture Here !

    All Images shot with a Canon D30 and Sigma 400 5.6 Apo Macro Hsm Dont have the exif handy.On most of the shots (not the Gull) a little fill flash was used. There are some damn nice pix in this thread!!!!
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    So What's the story with lurkers?

    Quote: Frankly, you have to make a few mistakes and speak beyond your means once in a while if you expect to learn anything at all. Head-Fi is no exception You can actually learn quite a bit by watching others mistakes.
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    Coffee Innovation! Must Try This!

    I can wake up earlier now! That doesnt seem like a strong selling point
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    T-Amp With High Level Subwoofer Input/Outputs

    This is exactly what i do and it works just fine. The T-amp going to the high level inputs on my sub and then on to some Athenas AS-B1. Really fills in the bottom end nicely. I didnt notice any sound degradation from when i had the athenas hooked up straight to the T-amp. YMMV. My sources arent...
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    Pistons vs Heat

    Take that Shaqzilla!!!
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    60 hour toothache nightmare!

    I always respond to your teeth posts cause im in the same boat and deal with tooth pain and dentists quite often. Sorry you had to deal with it yet again. One tip i can give you is if you know you have bad teeth stay away from nuts and sweets. one or the other has almost always started my agony.
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    The Saturday night ramble post.

    You snortin bleach again?
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    Your favorite quotes.

    "If your arguing with an idiot, Chances are he is too."
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    Oak Creek Pale Ale Not many reviews yet. Become a B.A. and review it.