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    Head-Fi Old School Roll Call.........

    Quote: Originally Posted by PinkFloyd Great to see all you old codgers No sightings of SIE, Duncan, Bangraman, JMT, Rickcr42, RickG, Tuberoller...... and loads more missing in action much as possible.
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    I've used the 007t and the Omegas for about five years now... I have a bunch of headphones ( see profile), but that combo is my favorite. I guess we all hear things a little differently. Take care,
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    Can you drive a manual transmission car?

    Driving a manual was just part of the curriculum in Drivers Education when I was in high school. You had to learn both and you were tested on both. Of course, this was '71. It was never a big deal for me (my dad had taught me to drive both from the time I was old enough to sit on pillows and...
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    Received a little cable Larry made for my Senn HD 495 today. Nice work. Nice guy. Thanks Larry...
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    POLL: Do you think long date ( and others ) headfiers are ..

    Quote: Originally Posted by boodi back on top grabbing some more attentions At least your were honest about your intentions...
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    What other forums do you frequent?

    Again members: No hyperlinks. Names of web sites only.
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    What other forums do you frequent?

    NOTE: Please list the web sites like stevesurf's below from now on. No links. Thanks for your cooperation. Quote: Originally Posted by stevesurf
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    Post your shades!

    I purchased some Kaenon Rhinos recently and I really like 'em. I have a big head and this model is oversized. Worked out well.
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    How do I join a team?

    Hopefully, 58impala understands how to "join a team" now. Thread closed.
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    HF-1 Proceeds ---> Impact on Site?

    From this page: Quote: Originally Posted by Jude NOTE: These will not be automatic annual recurring fees. Approximately two weeks before your year goes by, you may be contacted via e-mail or PM with a simple notification. If a Member wishes at that time to continue as a...
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    Happy Birthday Wmcmanus

    Happy Birthday, Wayne and I hope you have a blast at your high school reunion...
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    Sirius and XM users, help ...

    I have Sirius in my car (from factory). I love it and listen to it all the time when driving. However, I wouldn't be interested in any other applications of the service due to the compression. I'm not familiar with the equipment you're speaking of. Is that a home/car unit or both?
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    this can't be happening

    I think I'll just stick to my HD 650s. They're not as easy to lodge in a body cavity.
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    Vaio Pocket price drop

    Just for your information, the Sony outlet products are mainly factory refurbished...not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that. "Refurbished Products Products returned to Sony, inspected by the factory and if necessary reconditioned to meet original product specifications...