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    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    MoliPlayer can playback FLAC. Look for it on the Windows Phone Store   VLC is coming in a few months, too.
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    Nokia Lumia 920 sound quality?

    Quote: No. Just Nokia Music for the Lumias.
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    Audio Technica ATH - M50

    Quote:   How much cheaper is it against the 120 USD for the ATH-M50 @ ?   is the Shure 440 really better than the M50? I think the M50 build is better than the Shure. and the M50 are circunaural instead of supraaural...
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    NEW! Gorgeous Sony MDR-V55 in White unboxing video & initial impressions

    I got my black/red version for just 50 USD. They are pretty good for my use but I still have the same problem as my AKG k26p. it becomes painful to wear after 1+ hours of use.
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    sony mdr v55 or the sennheiser 439 or 449

    I got my MDR-V55 for $50 USD in my country.
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    LOD for Zune 80gb???

    You can't find something that doesn't exist.
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    Nexus S + Voodoo Control

    You need a rooted device with Voodoo enabled kernel extensions and Voodoo Control   if you dont want to install a Voodo enabled ROM in your phone, buy Voodoo Control Plus at the Android Market.
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    iBasso DX100:24 bit for bit, PG 1> Reviews & Impressions, Downloads, VIDEO, NEW Firmware 1.4.2.

    Quote:  Search for PowerAmp or directly from website
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    Android phone with best sound quality and volume for use with ATH-m50's?

    Get the Voodoo Control Plus app if that ROM has the proper kernel to support it.   Using the SGS Vibrant with the Phillips in my signature. Max volume for my enjoyment is what the doctor recommended. :D
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    how much storage space is on your mp3 player?

    16GB + 2GB microSD Samsung / T-Mobile Vibrant 80GB Zune
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    Keep Captivate or...

    Quote: I bet that isn't the stock ROM and Froyo 2.2 like on my Vibrant.   I had to get a spare battery for it just for 8 hours of music playback using Music Player Pro and stock Froyo.    
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    Very Specific Device -- No WiFi/Bluetooth, No Expandable Storage, PlaysForSure (Zune Pass) Compatible

    Sony Walkman     old Creative Zen...
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    samsung galaxy s for $100, or should i get something else?

    Quote: LOL. I got my Vibrant unlocked for less than that like 11 months ago.