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    All in one unit for my desktop with Sennheiser HD 800S - looking for input

    Hi all, Long time member doing mostly reading but I figured it was time to get some input on my choice for a new dac/amp for my 800S. I've basically narrowed it down to these units: RME ADI-2 DAC Holo Audio Cyan PCM/Amp Moon 230 HAD Ayre Codex Reading a lot about these units in several...
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    Arrived today: HD 600

    Why can't you people quit listening to your cables and just listen to the music instead?
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    HD600 + EarMax Pro = crap?

    @Matt: I'll try again: How much did you pay for the 600's? Including shipping.
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    Well... I finally ordered heaphones... HD 600's!! :)

    Thanks for your replies, everyone! What will you do when I say I won't be using a dedicated amp just yet? Quote: Dude Remedy Lane man, hwere'd you pick up those cans at that price? From Hans der Bär in Germany ( The base price was 200 EUR, but since...
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    Well... I finally ordered heaphones... HD 600's!! :)

    Quote: Let us know what you think when you get them. Yeah, of course! And by the way, the normal cost here in Norway is about $390.
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    Well... I finally ordered heaphones... HD 600's!! :)

    And the price? EUR€178 including shipping from Hans, which equals US$155. At that price, it was really no question of which to buy. And they has already been sent, can't wait for them to arrive!
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    Fates Warning

    Fates Warning is one of my absolute favorite bands, and their 1997 release "A Pleasant Shade of Gray" is probably the best album ever made, in my opinion of course.
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    Progressive Rock?

    Flow is Conception's last- and definitely their most "commercial" effort. It's a good album, but not my favorite.
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    Favorite theme / soundtrack

    off-topic: I watched Requiem for a Dream yesterday... Awesome, just awesome. myke: What is the name of the music composer in that film?
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    Quote: It depends, do you listen to rock or metal? Both. Lot's of different styles. Quote: I don't snakker Norsk Quote: Do you have any information whether the products are still as good as in former days, by chance? Sorry, but I don't know anything...
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    @KR... Thanks. It's edited now.
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    Thanks, both of you. This is a place where the replies are fast. @wab: The comfort is an important thing. Glad you think they are very comfortable. @joelongwood: I am located in Norway. I don't know if you read the article about my country in Los Angeles Times. Here you can...
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    @joelongwood: Thanks for your reply, but as I wrote in my post back there, I am not very keen on importing the cans. I believe it would be quite a deal to get it through the customs without having to pay lots and lots of extra charges to our lovely government.
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    I am not limited to those two cans, but I have always wanted either a Sennheiser or a AKG set of headphones. I don't like Philips as a brand. I am sure they are good, but I won't ever own a Philips product except for their TV's, which I like a lot. Call me strange, but I am sure there are other...
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    AKG 501 / Sennheiser 590

    I am going to buy a new set of cans. I can get the AKG 501 brand new for $150 at cost and the Sennheiser 590 brand new for $230 including shipping. I listen to rock mostly. I am going to use an integrated amplifier's heaphone outlet to power them. What would be the best choice? Thanks.