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    Sold a mini-RCA interconnect and a HD580 cable to Ray. Communication was flawless and payment was very timely. Great guy to do business with. Thanks again.
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    IC: mini-RCA IC and HD580 cable

    I've gotten some responses. These are now for sale.
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    IC: mini-RCA IC and HD580 cable

    I've just upgraded my IC to one built by cantsleep. Thus, I no longer need my current IC (grado cable with neutrik 3.5mm and canare f-09 rca's [also built by cantsleep]). I have also upgraded my HD580 with the HD650 cable, so I have no need for the stock cable. The stock cable is a little worn...
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    I bought a Corda HA-1 MK2 and a mini/RCA IC from James. He shipped them out very quickly and was very prompt in responding to my PM's. James is a really great guy and is an absolute pleasure to do business with!
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    WTB: Mini-RCA IC

    I'm looking to buy a cheap mini-RCA interconnect. My current budget is very limited and I'm looking for something <25USD shipped. I would really prefer canare starquad with canare plugs, but for my budget, I'm not really asking for much. Thanks! Got one, thanks!
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    HD580 pad substitute?

    I bought a B-stock HD580 for cheap from eBay. The ear cushions are almost completely flat and slightly ripped. It is very uncomfortable because the top of my ears are touching the driver covering. Sennheiser is charging 45 shipped for replacement pads. I think that's just way too much for some...
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    Heads up! Philips HP460 for $18.65 shipped.

    This seller is either very generous or he made a mistake, because I just received the HS460's in the mail today. For clip-ons, they surely don't really clip on well at all. The sound is surprising very good! They are definitely very detailed. If anyone else happens to receive their pair, please...
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    FS: Brand new Shure E2c Clear

    Up for sale is a brand new pair of clear e2c's. My old pair had a damaged jack which I sent back to Shure for repair. In the meantime, I decided to try out the im616. When Shure sent back a new pair, I preferred the detail of the im616 and decided to sell the e2c's. So here they are. It comes...
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    A250 -VS- SA5k / DT880 / K501 ?

    Glad you are really enjoying your A250s! I wish I could say the same about my A130. They have been collecting dust on the floor as I have gone back to my KSC35 and KSC75. The bass is just a little too recessed for me and the mids aren't as forward and "in your face" as I would like (coming from...
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    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    I used about the same amount of tak and I thought that even though the highs were tamed a bit and the lows were more present, the "airyness" was noticibly muffled. Do you notice that as well?
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    KOSS A250 from KOSS eBay thread

    Dave, how thick of a layer is your blu-tak? Also, are you using real Blu-Tak or just some generic brand of poster tak?