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    Reply to review by 'kasper' on item 'Cowon iAUDIO 7 16Gb'

    I loved mine!! Until it hit the floor one time too many.... Now I have the iaudio 9. technically better. Both the ui and the sound but not as pleasingly warm and grooovy!!
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    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    Hello Craigster 75!   My comment WAS meant to provoke - BUT i missed an "ONLY" in there. What I meant of course was that: "The driver is not the ONLY major contributor to the sound" You cannot maka a good headphone from a bad driver - AND you cannot make a good headphone with a bad...
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    Sennheiser Gains New MOMENTUM

    Talking about drivers being the same or different. You cannot claim the driver to be the major contributor to the way a headphone sounds. All other making minor differences. Some 200$ driver are used in very upmarket speaker producing a sound so different than cheaper speaker using same driver...
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    What high end 'phones for me who prefers musicality over accuracy?

    They may not be as High End as the rest of these suggestions. But if you liked the hd650 and want the same on a higher level I would say hifiman HE-500. With a smooth sounding amp ( I use Rudistor rpx-33evo 8 with good result) it will do exactly what i read you want: Make everything sound...
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    Reply to review by 'kasper' on item 'HiFiMAN HE-500'

    Very Fine review! One thing I would like to add though! I have read test of your Lavry claiming it to be a fantastic dac, but ruthlessly revealing of bad recordings and not very forgiving. If that is true - it might explain why you find the He-500 a tad bright and I don´t! On my system it sounds...
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    HiFiMAN HE-500 Loaner Program [EU-Version]

    Not bad at all - will be sure to register soon
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    HiFiMAN HE-500 Loaner Program [EU-Version]

    Can´t wait!   Are we any other danes than nc8000 and me?   What is the european price going to be?
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    Reply to review by 'kasper' on item 'Denon AH-D7000 - Headphones'

    I can recommend the Rega Saturn. I will be even more smooth than the planet, but very full bodied and just right too!
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    Introducing Audio-Technica's ATH-W1000X

    Quote: Originally Posted by K3cT I apologize if my post offended you. I've read that and in theory, it seems to be some sort of resonance dampener. I just don't see how it would work with the W1000X though since it already has plenty of bass. Once again he didn´t suggest me to...
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    Introducing Audio-Technica's ATH-W1000X

    TheOtus - When I asked for a more full sound and more bass, I was talking about the old w1000. Sounds like it is exactly what you get with the new w1000x!
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    Introducing Audio-Technica's ATH-W1000X

    So my impressions from what I have read is that compared to w1000 it has more extended highs, more bass, less harsh and a generally more full sound! Can people who heard both confirm this? And is there anybody who prefer the old w1000 or is upgrading a no-brainer? In my very smooth...
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    Audio Technica ATH-W5000 headphones

    I am beginning to think that most of the very diverse opinions on higher end ATH headphones have to do with the fit. People with big heads tend to find them to be warmer with better bass than people with smaller heads. simply because the smaller the head the the more it leaks and the less bass...
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    RudiStor NX-03, RPX-33 [NX03, RPX33]: Rudi rules!

    Actually - The problem is my home brewed Hifi rack. I build specially to hide all the cable mess and hung it on the wall where my daughter can't reach it. The problem is that the gap behind the shelves is so tight that the only way to redirect the cables is to unscrew the connecters. Now you...
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    RudiStor NX-03, RPX-33 [NX03, RPX33]: Rudi rules!

    will do - Sleepy one! Just that those connectors are so chunky I have to unscrew either the shelves or the connectors to move them from on unit to another. And the other thing is that the difference from using it throughout the system might be different than what you imagine from listening to...
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    Review: Woo Audio WA6 vs. WA6SE (stock units)

    I am trying to decide between the woo wa6se and the rudistor rpx-33 leaning mostly towards the woo. Bit worried though that the princess might light up the room to much. I listen in the bedroom while my whife and daughter sleeps and don't want to disturbe them too much. My only prior...