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    I just found a pair of HP1000's

    I don't think it's that entirely unplausible. Before they got hyped up by Vertigo-1 back in the headwize days, I saw a few pairs of hp-2's on ebay going for less than $150. After a few reviews, the price starting going up, and has steadily climbed to it's astronomical price today. Of course in...
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    Seattle/Eastside minimeet, anyone?

    i think i'd be up for a meet as well; though like everyone else, don't have a proper place to host. how much would we have to pitch in for that jitters idea?
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    Corda Aria vs. minidac (or hr micro)?

    Thanks for the replies so far guys. So after some more research, I've decided to just bite the bullet and get a Minidac or Lavry DA10. Turns out that Lavry is in Seattle, so I'm going to head over there at some point and have a listen. So far, it sounds like most people are in favor of...
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    Corda Aria vs. minidac (or hr micro)?

    Thanks for confirming that the microdac and aria work with linux. That's good to know. I think I'll probably end up ordering an aria soon, unless someone helps me out and persuades me to spend more money. Anyone heard them both?
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    Corda Aria vs. minidac (or hr micro)?

    Can anyone compare the relative sound quality coming from the following dac/(builtin) amp combos? This will be for office use, with ety er4s'. corda aria headroom microdac/amp apogee minidac I'm mostly interested in minidac vs. aria.. can anyone give some comparative comments? I like the...
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    Lapfi: A Listing of USB and PCMCIA DACs

    Yeah, it can. I've been using the 1616m for a few months now when listening from my laptop, and it sounds great from the break out box. The headphone out on the pcmcia card is better than my laptop's headphone out (Ibm T42p), but definitely not as good as the external one. It's significantly...
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    Koss KSC-75 $11.99

    Quote: Originally Posted by dpippel Amazon tracks each user's buying habits. browsing habits, etc. and adjusts prices accordingly. No two people can be guaranteed to get the same price for the same item. Just to set the record straight, Amazon doesn't do any personalized pricing...
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    What keyboard type do you prefer?

    I had one of those fujitsu keyboards before too. I liked the clickiness of the keyboard, but the thing that irked me about it was that if you press the longer keys (shift especially, but even spacebar) at the edges it took more force than if you pressed in the middle. There was some friction...
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    Digital camera advice needed

    yeah, you should definitely do some research first. Also check out steve's digicams. He seems to have reviews of more cameras than dpreview, but he is not as comprehensive. Also maybe check out imaging resource if you have the time. have fun.
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    Digital camera advice needed

    hehe, what's this then? But anyway, you are right. The price will definitely reflect the red badge.
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    Digital camera advice needed

    I agee with HighwayStar, the A80 is a very nice camera. I'd also look at the A70, just because it's considerably cheaper and it doesn't sound like you are looking for very high resolution. Fwiw, I just bought a Nikon 4300 a couple days ago and I really like it. Like just about all nikons...
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    Digital camera help/suggestions needed...

    Nikon is coming out with the D70, which should be competitive with the digital rebel. Maybe wait a little while until that comes out before making a decision if you want to go dslr. In my opinion though, I wouldn't get a dslr for a first camera. One, they're expensive, and two, they're big. A...
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    What keyboard type do you prefer?

    I used to be all about the clicky keys. I have a model M and also the legendary northgate omnikey ultra, which I have on my desktop. the past couple of months I've developed some mild tendonitis in the form of "emacs pinky" which really sucks. I can only type on my laptop keyboard...
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    Happy birthday spaceman & dariusf

    Happy birthday Darius!! Glad to hear you and your family are doing well. Let me know how that 963 works out for you, I may have to pick up a new source sometime soon too.
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    anyone modify their soundcards?

    I read somewhere about replacing sound card caps with black gates a while back. I think it was for a m-audio sonica or something like that. overclocking eh? If you increase your system bus, I wonder if the sound quality decreases... wouldn't you be more likely to introduce corruption?