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    Amplification for Shure E500

    Wow, a four-year member, and your third post is letting everyone know that you already have a pair of e500's in your ears. I would wait for more people to get the units and see what happens. I'm going to try mine with a unity gain PIMETA setup with resisters inline to take the hiss out of...

    E500 questions

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bosk 1. When will they be for sale? I heard May, but it's May already. I've been told to expect sometime around mid-June for my pre-order.

    Custom Ear molds for In ear buds?

    So you've had them made... And? How are they compared to the various other stock options?

    Shure E4C/G — Oh God!

    Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane My second favorite tip is the tri-flange , modified into a bi-flange w/ shorter stalk. Is there a picture of this mod or a more detailed description? Exactly what did you cut off, the widest end or the narrowest end?

    Pioneer 800C question, couldn't find this exact answer...

    They work with 44.1 and 48, they don't work with 96. Movies are all 48 KHz, music is 44.1. The headphones work with both in their native sample rates when using digital inputs.

    If I got an Audigy...

    EverQuest II -> Audigy 2 ZS Gamer -> EAX 4.0 -> Headphone Speaker Setup -> S/PDIF output -> Pioneer DIR800C -> Brain No problems, works as expected, all reverb and other effects are perfect and the game sounds awesome (aside from the fact that the audio is all 22 KHz that is).

    Airport Express Questions?

    Sounds like a nice plan, I can't imagine using the internal DAC for anything other than testing actually. I use optical to my DD headphone processor, which is then wireless (another lossless codec, pure digital) and decoded/DA right in the headphones. Oh the joy.

    What happened to Itzbitz?

    I'm still alive. Right before Christmas my hosting provider had what they classify as a "massive failure" on my Linux server. By massive, they said the backups were, and I quote, "Non-responsive." So I lost the content of the site. But on a larger scale, every hosting client of mine lost...

    Post pics of your builds....

    Here's my latest PPA:

    PPA Bass boost cap (C7) options

    I typically use the Panasonic Film and Foil type at Digikey. The line includes P/N P3223-ND or something like that. The 0.27 are perfect. They are cheap too.

    Jung regulator layout

    A new part from TI might be useful: Dual Op Amp with Integrated 2.5-V Reference: The TL103W and TL103WA combine the building blocks of a dual op amp and a fixed voltage reference, both of which are used in the control circuitry of switch-mode and linear power supplies. For the A-grade...

    PPA Pics

    CLASS A bias doesn't seem to be in-place on your board. Add it, it makes a big difference with the BB chips.

    question about PPA build w/ LaRocco Discrete Diamond Buffer

    Build your own attenuator using one of the Elma switches that there have been a few group buys on lately. If anyone needed on that didn't get one before, I have a couple of extras along with a complete set of RN60D resistors to fill it out sitting around.

    "Batterizing" the Millett Tube Amp

    Wow, those are some nice telescopes. With that size tube and mirror, I would imagine that I could see uranus from here.

    Foobar2000 vs. kmixer, the sequel

    I don't think I've seen this posted anywhere, but I compared a loopback test with the Emu 1212m using RMAA alone with a loopback test using Foobar2000 w/ASIO output and RMAA to record only. The results are staggering to say the least. Foobar2000 Alone Foobar2000 vs. RMAA Either I...