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    K240 V.W5000 [David V. Goliath]

    Tasty read
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    Its like nailing jelly to a wall!

    (>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v <('-'<) ^( )^ (>'-')> ^(^-^)>
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    Just donated to Head-Fi and I hate how my name looks in the subscriber font!

    and then the volcano opened up and swallowed the helpless baby mammal! (>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v ^(^-^)>
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    My Fitz modded dual Darkvoices are here! Big Pics!

    i don't know why but that avatar suits you cotdt^^; oh by the way sweet61 could you post pictures of the back? Or is it too ugly right now. I thought it was impossible to open the case or something let alone replace face plates... though of course one would think by now our holiness might...
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    Electro Heads: Best 'Phone? Looking at W5000, AD2000, SA5000, more...

    well if you connect to the optical out, there are a few nice integrated amp/dacs. Some have usb, some don't. Take the aria for example- it has only usb as a dac, so while you can still use it perfectly with your mac, it won't work with stuff like say airport express or some kind of cd player...
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    Any thoughts on the Metro.Fi 2s?

    OHH i see now.. look at the thing ntd genade posted. my post should have came afterwards??? another headfi time warp i suppose. i though it only happened to jahn..
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    ERS Paper and Dampening all in one?

    AND NOW... A GRATUITOUS KIRBY DANCE. (>'-')> <('-'<) ^('-')^ v('-')v <('-'<) ^( )^ (>'-')> ^(^-^)>
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    portable amp questions

    Hi hydrocity. welcome to head-fi and sorry about your purse! With all do respect you are a newbie and should avoid the common symptoms that I cannot disclose publicly. This is what you need: * a good cdp like a cary cdp1 * Stax Lambda system * hd580/hd600 and a LDII+ with Mullard...
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    Any thoughts on the Metro.Fi 2s?

    Quote: Originally Posted by JMBrown I've been looking at the Metro.Fis since they were first mentioned back in late '06. I wouldn't mind picking up a pair for the gym, but there is little info about them on here. If anyone who owns them would chime in, it would be appreciated. Thanks...