Nov 28, 2007
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    painting, singing, swimming, tennis, reading, my beagle pup, etc...
    Headphone Inventory:
    • HD580, HD650 (cardas)
    • 2x K501 (nordost solar wind, mogami neglex)
    • ES2
    • PK1
    • KSC35 (nordost solar wind, Canare F12), KSC75
    • ER-4S

    • Super.fi 5pro clear (godly with guitars)
    • K501 (Blue Dragon, cable construction shabby)
    • Grado SR225 (fisher price construction, gotham city styling..oh the sound? fun.)
    • K240s (smooth groovy cans)
    • KSC75 (gave to friend..I didn't like the sound toooo much)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    • VanTOTL (GE NOS 6SN7)
    • LOLAMP (opa2134, class a, 24v psu, Sprague Vitamin Q paper in oil signal caps, 2x 15000μF power caps, 3x gain)
    • LDII+ (Mullard M8161, Russian 4P1L)
    • β22 (3ch, stepped pot,)
    • CK²III (stepped pot, 60mw bias)
    • Portaphile V2^2 Maxxed (2x1500μF Blackgate NX, 6xBUF634, LT1210)
    • Supermini IV (AD8397)

    • Microamp /w 2006 Desktop Module (great transportable with slam..too big to keep tho)
    • SR-71 (pleasing, relaxed, competes with my portaphile as best portable..)
    • Total Airhead (powerful and durable little thing, great price)
    • Little Dot Micro+ (not very transparent)
    Source Inventory:
    • Audio Alchemy DTI v2.0 -> DDE v3.0 (both with sigma11 psu)
    • Entech Number Cruncher 203.2 (LM4562)
    • Sony SCD-595, D-EJ885, MZ-RH1, MZ-R900, Discman D-11

    • iPod Photo 40gb (stolen T-T)
    Cable Inventory:
    • DIY Mogami neglex & Neutrik Profi connectors
    • RSC Master 5000 GEN2 XLR
    • Zu OxyFuel
    • Cardas Sennheiser cable
    • Cloud Audio aether mini-mini
    • ALO Silver Six Shooter lod
    Power-Related Components:
    • Hospital Grade Outlets
    • Iron Lung Jellyfish power cords
    • Sigma11 power supply with 2 audio alchemy power connectors
    Other Audio Equipment:
    My voice?

    Blue Baby Bottle mic -> Presonus Bluetube DP -> M-Audio Audiophile FireWire -> Macbook

    Korg TR61, Electribe EM-1, EMX1, PadKONTROL
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Hugs & Dance
    Music Preferences:
    A lilo bit of everything :D
    Likes to take walks
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