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    Bypassing amp stage on Creative Nomad Zen USB 2.0?

    Hey everyone, I have a Nomad Zen USB 2.0 20GB (the original huge one with the tiny screen). I was wonder if anyone has had experience bypassing the amplification stage to just get a simple line out. I use it pretty much exclusively with my HD650's and I need an amp desperately. I'm probably...
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    I thought it was fantastic, and did indeed live up to all the hype. I thought it was definitely as dark as it needed to be, tied up just about every loose end, and rounded out the story quite nicely. The action was great, the CGI scenery was incredible, and it really had quite a bit of...
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    ER-4P and heavy metal - Meh

    I'm thinking of getting ER6i's for my Nomad Zen (going to italy in a few weeks, need entertainment for plane/train rides). How do they fare as far as portable headphones go for metal? I won't be using an amp.
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    Serial ATA=major pain the arse

    My biggest gripe with SATA is the position of the connecters. On my motherboard, the main SATA (that run off of the southbridge, and thus are removed from the PCI bus) ports are located in between the AGP slot and the 1st PCI slot. Which means I can't use them with a video card in the AGP slot...
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    Does anyone have a link to Ashlee Simpon's half time performance?

    I'd like to think that the American public are finally getting tired of no-talent pop music acts. Somehow I doubt that .
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    PC Gamers-Recommend some games.

    Rome: Total War, my favorite game of 2004. Half-Life 2 takes a close second.
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    2006 toyota avalon

    I learned to drive on an '82 Camry and currently own a '97 Camry. I can't recommend Toyotas enough for your purposes. They are quite spacious and offer a lot of luxury for the money. The ride quality is very soft and while this is lousy for sport performance, it's outstanding for ride comfort...
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    How to EVEN get a first date?!

    You just have to be confidant. That's it. If you want a relationship with a girl, get to know her a bit then ASK HER OUT already. If you say it like you mean it she won't say no, but if you sound flaky she will. First dates are not big deals and most girls I've known are more than willing to go...
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    What's a good "sweet spot" cost for speakers?

    I hear great things about these speakers: They go from $300 to just over $500 a pair and are supposed to be excellent.
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    Guitarists and your amps

    Quote: Originally Posted by pne I only use two brands so here's my take: Ernie ball I find ernie ball to be a good workhorse string, but after awhile they get tarnish/buildup on them. If you don't mind this they will last a long time. They bend ok but not as well as the D'addarios. I...
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    most comfortable + best sound headphones

    I would disagree about the HD650's comfort. Even after a year of listening they STILL are a vice grip and hurt my head after a while. I'm considering putting them around a couple books to stretch them out. I don't have a large head by any means.
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    Guitarists and your amps

    Also anyone have any recomendations for strings? I use just plain nickel-plated Fender Super 250's, because they're cheap and they work well enough. I tried some Gibson strings but they were a higher gauge and too unwieldy and gooey sounding for my tastes. I hear good things about Ernie Ball...
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    Guitarists and your amps

    I play a Jackson RR-3 with a Line6 Spyder 210 amp. The guitar has amazing sound for a small amount of money, and plays very, very nicely if you can stomach the awkward shape. Floating bridge, very nice tuners and it's just a beautiful instrument overall. The amp is the most tube-like solid...
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    Albums That Changed Your Life – or at Least Your Musical Development

    Look to the left of this post and there it is. Opeth's "Still Life" completely redefined what music was to me. Prior to that I though Limp Bizkit and Korn was about as good as it got. Now my playlist goes something like Opeth -> Shoshtakovich -> Nightwish -> Mussorgsky (who happens to be my...
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    Breaking-in HD650 unamped ?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jimbodinny I have a 30 watt Marshall guitar amp at home. Do you think it would be a good idea to plug my Soundcard CD IN or LINE IN *for guitar, and headphones into EMULATED LINE OUT & HEADPHONE port nm misread your post