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    Sennheiser HD 598 Impressions Thread

    My HD 598 SEs arrived today.  Authenticity check passed without issue, and so far they sound pretty good (tested mostly from a WA7d and an iPhone 5S).  The cable situation is annoying though - it's great that it comes with a shorter 3.5mm termination cable, but the plug is too thick to fit into...
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    What's wrong with Creative?

    My solution to the gaming vs sound quality issue was to get two computers, put an Audigy in one and an E-MU in the other.
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    Ringtones... What is this insanity all about??

    I have custom MP3 ringtones on my phone (didn't pay for any of them, of course), but most of the time my phone is on silent... ~KS
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    Houston, Texas?

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari Off-Topic but the traffic here in Austin is the worst I have every seen in USA (barring NYC/NJ/Washington) Which part of Austin? I-35 is bad at times, yes, but worst in USA? I can't even say it's worst in Texas (635 in Dallas, every other...
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    Poor (wu)mans Vaja?

    Looks pretty nice... but nothing for the Mini... The Vaja case is still the best I've seen, though (well, judged solely from pictures on the internet, anyhow). ~KS
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    HD600: Unreal Price

    Quote: Originally Posted by JB. BTW, am I crazy or is the HD600 slightly reminiscent of the KSC-35? Like, if the HD600 were a fully mature T-Rex performing opera, the KSC35's might be a newly-hatched T-Rex singing scales are arpeggios? Judged solely by that post, I'd say...
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    Xbox 360 unveiled.

    Quote: Originally Posted by saturnine Cant wait till someone hacks it. That would make one hell of a linux box... I want to run MacOS X on it (It is PPC, after all) - hopefully PearPC Project will be in an advanced enough stage by that point. ~KS
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    Hearo + Libsample rate High Quality >>> Foobar Kernel Streaming.

    Too bad it forces you to use WMP. I've downloaded HEARO and installed it on my other computer, and though I haven't tried it in-depth with music, it does some weird things with some of the video files I've tried. And the chance of me using WMP for music is somewhere near the vicinity of a...
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    What are you favorite video game of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by bundee1 blowing on cartridges. pfoooo pfoooo Haha, those were the days indeed. *Ponders hooking up the NES again* ~KS
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    Foobar - why?

    The main reason I switched was because of the Unicode support, but I understand it's not a major issue to most people. I also like the included masstagging and conversion tools. I actually like the asthetics of Winamp, but not enough to make me choose it over fb2k's features. I do use...
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    Anyone else hooked on Guild Wars?! -nt-

    I bought it for a friend today, and from watching her play it for about an hour, I've managed to deduce that the game is more aesthetically pleasing than WoW, and that the in-game UI customization is nice... I dunno, I'll probably pick it up when I've got the money to spare. ~KS
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    Computer vs dedicated sources

    Quote: Originally Posted by audiophile_ltu Thank You for Your ideas about this topic, and I'm sorry for my bad English. Your English is excellent... believe me when I say that there are many native speakers who couldn't articulate/type nearly as well. As for the topic... I...
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    foobar2000 & volume control

    Quote: Originally Posted by stiben I run the Foopilot skin and it has a little volume slider, don't use it though. Same here. ~KS
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    Anyone here plays Magic The Gathering??

    I used to play during the middle school days, but stopped a while back (around the time Tempest came out, if I remember correctly). Was indeed a fun game, but I had spent much more money on it than I should have, and when a large portion of my cards were lost in a move, I just decided it wasn't...
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    This is why you shouldn't steal Pokemon Cards

    It's been around for a while (especially amongst the online "Asian Communities"), but I still had a good chuckle on seeing it again. ~KS