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    HD800 - to be or not to be

    I haven't looked back since buying the HD800.  These things have a more speaker-like sound that trounces any other headphone I've put over (or in) my ears.  They improve dramatically with associated equipment upgrades, too.  I've always been a long time Sennheiser fan, and I am a serious amateur...
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    Perfect Bass Headphones for me? (SONGS INCLUDED)

    I had to dish out more than 4 grand in headphone gear before I had realistic speaker-like bass. My suggestion is just buy a pair of cheap low impedence cans and equalize them.
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    Recommendations of anti darkness headphones

    For solid top end with neutral mids and bass you could audition some Sony cans, the CD3000 has light bass, slightly plasticky mids and really tipped up treble. Famous FOTM cans on headfi, very easy to drive. Super colored imho, but if you like highs and don't want EQ they might do the trick, and...
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    Is the HD800 overpriced?

    MEMO Re: people that think plastic is bad... Sennheiser would've chosen jello if it had lower acoustic resonance than plastic... you go with what gives you the best sound, its basic science
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    Is the HD800 overpriced?

    It's better than the Orpheus, which people readily respect and buy for sometimes ten times the HD800's price. The HD800 should be priced at $5,000 just to keep the riff raff from buying a pair, listening to them poorly amped, and then giving them a bad rep on head-fi.
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    Sennheiser HD800 vs. Beyerdynamic T1: Differences in Transducer Engineering

    The jury is out until I hear the Beyers... no other statement headphone I've listened to compares to the HD800, not even the orpheus. I'd love to drop a cool thousand bucks on another great pair of cans though
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    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    The HD800 sounds neutral and its best at about 70-88dBa. It's designed for the average volume, if you bother to read the instruction manual you're supposed to listen at this level. It's much similar to the HD600 and HD650 in this regard, you miss out on everything and the sound ain't so good at...
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    Sennheiser HD800: Spray Painted Plastic and the New Acid-Washed Jeans.

    Sir, may I retort (AKA Geek reads the first post in a thread for once): 10 Design Rules of Dieter Rams from Braun in the 60's: • Good design is innovative. ----I'd have to say that the HD800 ring driver is the most amazing innovation I've ever heard in a piece of audio equipment. No...
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    Beyerdynamic to launch new top headphone at IFA -- called T1

    Excellent! I've always loved the Beyer sound, and I started off this hobby with a few sets of closed Beyers. Looking forward to a listen in the not too distant future! Perhaps a great second can to pair with my HD800s... although I really should be saving for a source / amp upgrade
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    Best HD800 Amp

    Anything headroom makes. The bass extension on my old Maxed Out Home is so good with the HD800s that I can hear the semi truck rumbling the studio walls...
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    Why does the HD800 cause such polarizing opinions....

    The HD800 reveals the true quality of a lot of the gear out there, and on top of this even really REALLY good gear that's not basically tuned for the Sennheisers makes the headphones a bit colored. They sounded bad for me until every component reached a certain standard. A very unforgiving...
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    best cans for female vocals

    HD800s or HD600s for high end listening. The 600 especially emphasizes the female vocal range; the 800 has a more realistic sound but doesn't emphasize the range quite as much as HD600s. I'd stay away from the 650s if this is all you listen to, although they are probably fine. I'm also a huge...
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    HD800 + really big amp + DAC + EQ = head subwoofers?

    Bordins, Hit the nail on the head! The weak link in my setup was my source - I have high quality encodings, but a better DAC transformed the setup. I disagree about the HD800 sounding like HD650s - the 650s can't slam below 35hz very well, and simply make farting sounds and distortion when...
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    Who here tried the Sennheiser Orpheus?

    The orpheus is undeniably awesome... but the HD800 is better if you feed it with a good amp and dac.
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    HD800 + really big amp + DAC + EQ = head subwoofers?

    Anyone tried this? Just for fun I loaded foobar 2000 with an equalizer and dropped everything +20dB that was above 110hz, and then smoothly tapered from 0dB at 55hz and below to 8db at about 70hz and 16db at 110hz.... I've been in cars with subs, this sounds the same, just heads-only. Shakes...