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    HD Tracks is so bad.

    Having read most of the thread, i can relate to most of you. Yes, i also have some HDTracks albums that are less than stellar. I switched my buying habbits completely. First, after the divide desaster, i throw on Spotify and give the album a quick listen for major production mistakes. Would have...
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    dac for hidizs ap60

    Although you don't want opinions, here's one anyways: How are you going to connect the DAC? I'm not sure this player supports USB Host mode... Also, for 150 i don't think there is a DC thats 1. portable enough and 2. an improvement over the internal one. This player already has a good DAC...
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    Some recommendations for Operas/Baroque/Piano Pieces

    So, my latest trip to the library brought some of the basic operas home. Basically, i googled for "the best operas of all time" or such, grabbed a list and looked at what they had. - La Bohéme - Turandot - l'Orfeo - Gulio Caesar - Don Giovanni - Le Nozze di Figaro I also brought home a...
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    Planing to order the SMSL M6, any alternatives?

    Thanks for the input. It's highly appreciated! WIth the Magni/Modi combo i thought about skipping the later upgrade... Not quite as good as a jot or mojo, but as you've said, better headphones might be the first priority. The Magni Modi might enable me to hold out the Upgrade a bit longer. Also...
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    SMSL M6 vs M7

    Looking into those myself. The M7 only puts out 30mW at 300Ohm. Thats quarter of what the M6 does. You gain DSD and the "ultra high-res" 24/768 resolutions. Since i have HD600's and all of my music is 16/44.1, i feel the M7 would be a downgrade over the M6 for my usecase. The Schiit stack sure...
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    Planing to order the SMSL M6, any alternatives?

    So, today i'm going to buy a new Amp/(DAC). I need an Amp fo rmy HD600's. Something to "hold me over" until christmas when either the Jot or the Hugo will be the options. After much research the SMSL M6 looks like a great temporary solution. I only really need an amp. My Cheapish audiointerface...
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    Physical Media Or Download.

    If i buy (instead of streaming) i go with Digital only, if it's cheaper than CD. I like Bandcamp, as the artists keep more money. Most Releases are also cheaper than physical media. If it's the same price or more expensive, i go with the CD for the physical backup.
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    Official Free FLAC File Music Sharing Thread

    Not sure if it was mentioned already: Skillets whole Discography is free on Bandcamp
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Thanks to Z-Reviews: She - Headshot (But basically all of it!)
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    Bandcamp WAV vs FLAC

    Yeah, realized that too. I just kept Joey Landreth's whisky as Wav because it's awesome ;) I'm generally using MediaMonkey for Tagging. Had no Problem with the Wav files.
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    Bandcamp WAV vs FLAC

    I just started purchasing some Albums on Bandcamp. I downloaded FLAC and WAV for testing. WAV comes out to (foobar) 1400kbps, Flac "only" 1000kbps. I'm not really sure if there is a difference there since flac is supposed to be lossless. The main question is, since WAV doesn't support tagging...
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    DIY Cable Questions and Comments Thread

    I could use some specific information on Connector and Cable sizes. I'm planing to do a new cable for my HD600. The connectors for the cups seem to only be available from china (if anyone has a source in Europe, i'd be really glad). They are only 4 bucks a pair, so i'll order 3 or 4 From Ebay...
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    Is there a Windows Application for Output Device Switching?

    Ok, feeling dumb for not having thought about that before. I'm a heavy User of Autohotkey. It can do all of what i need. In case anyone wants to use it, here is the Script i came up with: ^+1:: Run, mmsys.cpl WinWait,Sound ; Change to the Window Title of Sound Devices...
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    Is there a Windows Application for Output Device Switching?

    I know that windows itself handles this, but i find it rather cumbersome to do. I have varying output devices for different Use cases - USB Device for General music - Headphone out on Mainboard for a specific game - Line Output on Mainboard for Speakers - A Second USB Device for Recording and...
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    Noob audiophile on a quest

    I can vote for that too. I have my HD600 for a month now. It totally changed how i hear my other cans (mainly beyers). Plus it redifined Comfort for me. I thought the DT770 was comfortable. Man was i wrong. Especially at the used prices this is my first recommendation for anyone starting to get...