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    how many of you guys cook???

    Men are certainly better at cooking. I don't think there's any question about that. But we can't do everything. We've got to delegate some of the responsibility down to the women. I would like to see a cooking show featuring some of the girls from Baywatch. Those girls sure can act. I wonder...
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    the end of Audiogalaxy The settlement effectively destroys Audiogalaxy. That' too bad. I really liked this one because you could get obscure songs.
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    Sometimes I think you guys are the only ones that care. . .

    I don't understand what the problem is. Why are you guys telling people your audio equipment costs less than it does? I always tell people my stuff costs a lot more than it does. "See those Koss Plugs I have there? They set me back $400. You like the looks of those Sennheiser HD580's? Leave them...
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    Attack of the Clones- anyone seen it?

    Quote: Originally posted by kerelybonto If anyone can tell me why the movie was called "Attack of the Clones," I'd appreciate it The reason why they called it "Attack of the Clones" is that cloning is really hot right now. People can't get enough information and stories about...
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    New guy.

    Because of the number of times I've seen trailers for the movie, I kind of feel like I have already watched it. But I have some questions about it. Why does the kid go to jail? What exactly did he do that got him put in the old gray bar hotel? That's not really clear from the trailers. Does...
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    New guy.

    The critics have really trashed this movie. Over at, it's getting only 8% postive reviews! That's pretty low. I don't believe I've ever seen a movie quite that low. I doubt that even "Ernest Goes to Medical School" did that bad with the critics. I know it's a teen movie, but...
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    Spiderman - Good, bad, or so-so?

    I saw the World Trade Center Spiderman trailer several times at the movies last year. The trailer was obviously not something that they'd put in the movie. Why would Spiderman be putting up a huge web like that to catch the police helicopter? He's a good guy. He wouldn't be doing something like...
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    The Chickensuit Man

    Nice pictures, Chickenman! It looks like Chickenman really leads an active life despite being a chicken. He's out there eating at restaurants, going grocery shopping, playing sports, buying a guitar, attending an important business meeting in his suit, etc. He doesn't let it stop him just...
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    AKG 501's a a phenomenal price!

    To NickG and anyone else trying to get the deal on the K-501's, keep trying. They go in and out of stock. Right now they're back in stock again.
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    I would like to do some cloning. I'm having a little trouble getting started on it. I just don't know where to begin. I think I need some hair samples or something. If we can do stuff like that in the club, I would like to join too.
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    AKG 501's a a phenomenal price!

    I put 501's in my cart. It said they were "in stock". I waited a few minutes, and then it said "discontinued". I tried searching, and couldn't find them. Now I did the same search again, and they're listed again. They must have been doing some website updates.
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    AKG 501's a a phenomenal price!

    Too late!! The sale's already off!! I missed out on this one again!
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    Sennheiser CD Give Away

    I just got the CD today in the mail! Has anyone else gotten it yet? Also in the package was a good booklet that has pictures of all the Sennheiser headphones. Thanks for posting this, Audio Addict!
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    Face the Music: Suits Pending Over Copy Controls

    "Face the Music: Suits Pending Over Copy Controls",aid,93904,00.asp It's a good article on copy protection and has some links to sites that list copy-protected CD's.
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    No more smilies for your signature

    I'm opposed! Damn opposed!