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    WTB: Campfire Audio Polaris V2

    Looking for a lightly used Polaris V2. B stock is fine.
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    My experience with Etymotic was excellent last time i had an issue with my ER4s. This was from the US so i have no idea how it would be in Europe.
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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    I assume you are talking about paying for Spotify or something similar? I doubt anyone is paying for Spotify to listen to something they already own.
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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    The WiFi and Bluetooth has been excellent on my Japanese A105. However battery life while using them is pretty bad.
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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    The music industry has always favored the pop stars though. Streaming didn't change that dynamic. The internet however has opened up bands to a wider audience than they would normally have playing at local bars and clubs. Also i would argue that sharing accounts isn't going to hurt the...
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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    So low impedence, I expect once my andromeda shows up my volume level will lower.
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    The Sony 40th Anniversary Walkman Thread

    Which IEMs are you using at volume 60? I currently have the Japanese A105 and with my Sony XBA-H3s i have it at 85 normally.
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    Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear

    Nope these are the original.
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    Sony Walkman Sony NW-F887 64GB. Japanese Version

     Selling my Walkman Sony NW-F887. Bought this in Japan when it first was available. It has had a screen protector and silicon case on it from day 1. It comes with the original headphones minus the extra tips. Looking for $175 Shipped in the US. Shipping in Europe paid by buyer. Payment via Paypal.
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    Sony XBA-H3

    PM Sent.
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    Best Custom IEM That Replicates Etymotic Er-4p/s

    Why not just get custom tips from or something if you like the ety sound? I found the bass was a bit improved with the better fit over the foamies.
  12. cbw products?

    I got them and use them quite often, they are well worth the money. There was another thread on them but im not sure where it is. Quote: Originally Posted by isao2k8 Custom Molded In Ear Monitors I found this url yesterday. The company sells some original...
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    Moderator Inquiry - $$$ Xin-Who here has money or amps being held by Dr. Xin?

    Quote: Originally Posted by david21 Delay the process as long as possible so that people will have a harder time filing a dispute? I know a few of my CC only allows me to to file a dispute 2-3 months after the transaction was billed, so I'm guessing it's the same for others. Hope you...