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    I need a recommendation for an amp for HD650....

    A bit late but I believe on ASR the audioengine d3 was tested with the sennheiser 650 and Hifiman HE-400i which are basically two of the headphones you listed and performed quite well. I think there is slight improvements to the d3 since the review. In the past you could buy it refurbished for...
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    Mac mini shy bass with Momentum 2

    Dragonfly Red will work, I personally ended up with an Audioengine d3 that was refurbished for $45 I love using with my sennheiser hd58x. For Mac mini and laptop use a usb dac/amp stick is pretty much just one big dongle for all practical purposes and should make your audio setup quite easy and...
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    am i imagining things or does my audio now sound better with my new dac?

    You hit the good enough wall quick with DACs, it’s relatively cheap now days to build a good one. The main limitation is actually our hearing. So once you have something your happy with I would argue headphones are where the money should be spent hardware wise as long as the amp is properly...
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    Low-profile, secure and sturdy IEM recommendation for motorcycling

    I know you don't want comments on this but most people don't know about it. Look into Surefire Hocks Noise Breakers particularly the foam ones, it won't allow sound through the device over 80 or 85 decibels and it will dampen them. And it will allow other softer sounds through though a little...
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    How far have you gone?

    Separate fun money accounts we get a set amount of money per month to spend on whatever we want. If I wanted to drop 5k on a single pair of headphones or Pogs (yes that 90s game we use to play as kids) today I can if I have the money and she may look at me like I’m crazy but that’s it. I...
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    How far have you gone?

    Guestimate $500 or so, I've broken a lot of wires to iems and headphones. Which required replacement since I don't know how to rewire headphones. So I now buy stuff with replaceable wires. My end game was Sennheiser hd650 or so I told myself years ago. I ended up buying the hd58x instead and...
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    Why so many studio focused reviews??

    Their probably the main buyer. I don't know about you but I would drop 2k in a heartbeat if I was making money from that purchase or if I owned a business that relied on it. 2k for a personal expense I would very much hesitate on if it was just for pleasure. And why do I say 2k and not $500...
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    Looking for a new DAP with no WiFi or Bluetooth

    Is this going into a secured area and it's not allowed or is disabling these functions sufficient?
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    Got a hd 600 bu I'm unsure about my setup.

    The only thing about the dragonfly is that in Android (maybe iOS?) You may need to download software to adjust the volume more as the dragonfly may set itself to 50% volume and stay there and your only controlling the phone if I remember correctly. Something to look into but it will be a few...
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    Got a hd 600 bu I'm unsure about my setup.

    I would personally get the Audioquest dragonfly red in this situation since you mentioned using them with smartphones. I use my hd58x with my iPad and it works but I'm happy I didn't get the harder to drive hd6xx as I question it would have been harder to drive and I question whether if it could...
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    Looking for a budget headphone DAC

    AMP should help with the volume the Audioengine D3 is a dac/amp and so is the Fiio e10k off hand to give two examples. Human hearing is the limit for audio so don’t worry to much about whether it’s 24/96 or 24/192, etc.
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    desktop DAC/amp upgrade from FiiO E10K to... Schiit/Topping/Monoprice?

    I agree with Purple Angel, new set of headphones are the way to go. Amps/DACS upgrades provide little improvement once you have a capable setup with what your using. Headphones on the other hand will make a huge difference.
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    USB C vs USB 3.0 port

    Should be the same, you can’t assume it may be better as motherboard designs are a little different spec/design wise and all the other parts you use have an effect as well. The only big perk for audio is more power from usb C for our amps/dac.
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    Mobile DAC

    It was his first and only post which was 3 years ago, it’s doubtful we will get an update.
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    Upgrade Advice

    I have the hd58x as well, it's pretty easy to drive in fact it might be easier to drive than my 32ohm Superlux 668b I have to test them out on a few more devices to confirm. But even on my Audioengine D3 the hd58x is driven to a higher volume at the same settings. I'm not convinced you will see...