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    Top 100 Rock Albums (

    Am I the only one completely surprised that Bob Dylan was nowhere to be found on that list? Not to mention the only Rolling Stones that made the list is Tattoo You... uh... right. You can pretty much always argue about not being enough modern music in any list, but these guys could've at least...
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    Favorite Musical Discovery of the Past Year

    Fun question, for me it would have to be White Rabbits, their debut Fort Nightly is a lot of fun. Also, St. Vincent's debut Marry Me is very impressive as well. Other than that, I have to admit that I'm embarrassingly late to the gate, but I've just started really getting into Bruce Springsteen...
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    Recommend me an artist/band that uses electric violin

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pangaea DMB First band I thought of as well.
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    arcam Alpha 7 amplifier

    Quote: Originally Posted by solitude My first post, so I hope this in the right place. I have been offered the chance to buy a "arcam Alpha 7 amplifier" 2nd hand from someone. Does anyone have ay first hand experience with one of these and know #1 how good it is 2 how much its...
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    anyone listen to BEIRUT?

    Yeah the new album is very good, I have to admit I'm surprised (happily though) that there's a thread for him, I always thought he was very under the radar, good to see he's catching on though!
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    American League Championship Series

    If Cleveland could just get this series over with before the ESPNites start coming out saying that they're going to come back from 3-1 again, I'd be happy... but that doesn't look like it's going to happen.
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    Buy a Limited Edition Zune, help save lives.

    I don't know how this makes the Zune better than the iPod, if you're so willing to support a cause, why not just donate the money on your own? Maybe I'm too self-conscious but I wouldn't really buy a pink one just for that.
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    College Football

    So upset the Illini blew that game to Iowa, figures that we'd get knocked out of the Top 25 as soon as we get in. Ah well, so much talent yet so little experience.
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    please recommend best grados for PORTABLE use...

    Quote: Originally Posted by tman1 Why would you insist on an open phone like Grados for the train? Everyone has given you the answer. Do what you want. If you have to have over the ear phones for some reason, a closed phone like Beyer 231 and Senn HP-25 would be much better...
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    "In Rainbows" only at 160KBPS??

    Quote: Originally Posted by DLeeWebb Can't you get 256KBPS from iTunes? I bought the Discbox. The download was part of that purchase. I still wish that they had done the download in 320KBPS. Makes the anticipation for the Discbox even greater I guess! Yeah, you can, but I think...
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    What is your favorite cover song?

    Besides what's been mentioned: Ben Folds Five - She Don't Use Jelly (The Flaming Lips) KT Tunstall - I Want You Back (Jackson 5) Nickel Creek - Just (Radiohead) DMB - All Along the Watchtower (Bob Dylan) Björk - It's Oh So Quiet (Betty Hutton) The Doors - Back Door Man (Howlin' Wolf) Muse...
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    What Live concerts have you attended?

    Dave Matthews Band (10x) Interpol (3x) My Morning Jacket (4x) Spoon The Roots Kanye West Lupe Fiasco Bob Dylan The White Stripes Pete Yorn (2x) The Black Keys (2x) The Hold Steady (2x) Muse Pearl Jam Hot Hot Heat Queens of the Stone Age Kings of Leon (2x) Ryan Adams Stars The...
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    "In Rainbows" only at 160KBPS??

    Well, as they said in interviews they wanted it to just be better than what you get from iTunes, so they did that much. Personally, I think for the relatively crappy bitrate it still sounds pretty good but I can understand your frustration. That's pretty much why I didn't pay for the album--...
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    New Massive Attack Fan!

    Massive Attack is one of those rare groups that you can keep coming back to time and time again and when you listen to them, it's like it's your very first time. Especially on Mezzanine and Blue Lines they manage to look creative even though those albums came out years ago.