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    FS: Fearless Tequila 1DD+6BA

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    FS: Fearless Tequila 1DD+6BA

    Pics added :)
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    FS: Fearless Tequila 1DD+6BA

    Like new Fearless Tequilas for sale. Complete with original packaging and all accessories, tips unused. New and rare model. I am in the UK and so these are available quickly and without import duties to any EU location. £275/€315 + Delivery/fees
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    SOLD: AK Billie Jean

    Now sold
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    SOLD: AK Billie Jean

    AK Billie Jean in red. New, opened box but unused. £155/€175 + delivery.
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    Meze Rai Solo

    Like new pair of Meze Rai Solo for sale. Fantastic sounding IEMs and beautifully built, but don't quite edge out my Ikko OH10's and I need to stop hoarding IEMs... Looking for £169 / €189 + delivery.
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    Shanling UP4 & UP2 - Bluetooth 5.0 DAC/AMP with ES9218P, balanced output, supporting LDAC, HWA LHDC, aptX HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX and AAC.

    Both are excellent and very unlikely to disappoint. I also owned both (and the Qedelix) but kept the Up4 because the volume wheel is so much better than fiddly buttons.
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    Yep - full battery, plugged in. No luck. Trying via Music Center now instead... ...and that fails too
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    New to the ZX-507 but liking it so far. Strangely, mine won't update - System updates shows me that version 2.02 is available, but when I select "Start update" it just hangs on 0%, however long I leave it. Any ideas? Thanks!
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    Looking for Mid-fi “endgame” headphones

    Stick an s in the http: Problem sorted :)
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    SOLD: AAW ACH and A3H IEMs - UK/EU

    Bump and reduced
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    [FiiO BTR5] Flagship Portable High-Fidelity Bluetooth Amplifier, DAC ES9218Px2, Bluetooth chip CSR8675, support up to 384kHz&DSD256 native

    I recall someone posting about a possibly faulty 2.5mm socket on their BTR5? Anyway, I have mine going back for a replacement due to the socket failing. It is usable but suffers from a poor connection, requiring careful positioning to work. Hoping the replacement is more reliable.