1. eron
    Nah, I'm a peace loving person. :D LoVe and PeAcE. 
    Have fun anyway. :wink:
  2. Craigster75
    I'm surprised there isn't more hope for the potential of the Yamaha Pro Series.  They do look way to much like Beats, but if they sound a fraction as good as their marketing description, they could be a player this fall.
    "The PRO 500 headphones deliver a sound so extraordinary – so real, so clear, so enveloping – it makes your pulse run faster and sends shivers down your spine. It transports you to another time and place."
    One of Yamaha's biggest competitors, M-Audio, makes only one headphone but it is a darn good one for the price (Q40).  Maybe Yamaha will step up.  While sound and cost certainly don't go hand-in-hand, the Yamaha line is at a much higher price point than the Q40, so my expectations are raised accordingly.  The Pro Series comes out October 1st.  At this rate, they may beat the M-100 preorders to market.
  3. lightningsmerf
    I love how no one has voted for the d400's. :p 
  4. Craigster75
    As I am thinking about headphones day and night at present, here are my latest thoughts regarding upcoming releases:
    I am still pining for the elusive M-100 which may or may not ship in days.  Based on any available descriptions and cursory CNet review, these could be right on the money for me and potentially come as close to meeting my preferences as any headphone that is or will be available except for one I will name at the bottom of this post. 
    Momentum no longer holds as much interest for me and is now in the "mild curiosity" pile since their described bass from several who now own is falling short of my expectation and personal taste.  I would still like to hear these somewhere as the general consensus is positive, but am tired of purchasing and returning headphones (as I am sure retailers are tired of me doing so except for those that benefit from a restocking fee). 
    After consideration from my last post, I must also place the Yamaha Pro 500 in the "mild curiosity" pile.  Based on their design, I can't imagine their sound would be engineered with detail that would satisfy audiophiles so I am now going to assume their sound is as ordinary as their design for the sake of narrowing down choices. 
    The AKG Tiesto K267 still holds moderate interest for me regarding the user adjustable bass which I find intriguing.  However, I am trying to think of an AKG headphone, or any celebrity-endorsed headphone from any company I really like or would want to own and cannot.  i.e. I am underwhelmed with the K550.
    Before going further, I want to say that BRS has done a great job compiling this extensive list of comparable headphones.  I believe this is the most competitive season for mid-range headphones in the history of headphones.  This is not a researched fact, just talking out my *** as usual.  Clearly, the lucrative premium headphone market continues to grow and most companies with any connection to the hifi world are jumping on the bandwagon.  Most of the upcoming choices are represented.  If I didn't mention those it means they are not even on my radar.
    There are two not on the poll that I am factoring into my personal list.
    The Mad Dogs with Dog Pads have piqued my curiosity- not as an alternative to one of the bass-heavier options above, but as a complement to them for other genres of music that sound best with neutral and highly detailed cans.
    Last, but not least, I am gathering as much information as I can regarding the Ultrasone Signature DJ.  At $699, they are certainly a budget buster.  However, I am thinking these are the only cans I am mentioning that have the potential for noticeably superior sound to the M-100- in essence, doing everything the M-100 does, but better including greater detail, resolution and extended high end, which they should at that price point.
    With the exception of the Tiesto, all of these are expected to be available for purchase by October 1st, so I will be feverishly searching the Internet for the next week or so, trolling for any information and reviews I can find to make the most informed decision I can.  Good luck to everyone regarding finding your perfect headphone.
  5. eron
    Since you like, or might prefer bass that is heavier than the ATH-M50, you might want to consider Beats headphones. I heard from some people that they are very bassy, and might suit you.
  6. miceblue

    I think Craigster75 would have already purchased a Beats (or Sony XB_00) headphone if he wanted that kind of loose, phat bass.
  7. eron
    Unless he has heard them, he might like those kind of bass. It's worth a try!
  8. Craigster75

    And the winner is......miceblue. 
  9. eron
    Dear Craigster75, congratz, you can put the Momentum back on your list now. [​IMG]
  10. navii
    I just ordered the PRO500s. If im lucky ill have them this week. If not, well, who knows.
  11. BRSxIgnition
    It'd be great if you can do a review of them, and compare them to any other headphones you may have. Let us know when they get to you!
  12. navii
    I'll do my best to give some impressions and comparisons. Though I am not sure that my sense of sound is refined enough to give a definitive review.
  13. Craigster75
  14. BRSxIgnition
    Those look... Interesting, to say the least. The impedence surprises me, since they have a 50mm driver. Thing is, it doesn't look like they're planning to make them portable in almost any way. They look so big!
  15. Craigster75

    Interesting is a diplomatic way of puting it, looks like a 1960's science fiction prop.  The Velodyne's are NOT on my short list, but an option for some nonetheless.

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