RHA MA750i noise isolating premium in ear headphone (with remote and microphone)Handmade dynamic...

RHA MA750i

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  • RHA MA750i noise isolating premium in ear headphone (with remote and microphone)Handmade dynamic drivers, machined stainless steel and a premium oxygen free copper cable; The MA750i epitomises quality and performance. Using RHA's aerophonic design, 560.1 drivers and a secure over ear fit, the MA750i excels in sound reproduction and a comfortable, noise isolating fit. Sound signature: Precise, balanced and articulate sound reproduction with a great depth of soundstage. 3 year warranty 303F grade stainless steel construction Handmade dynamic driver for clear, natural sound reproduction Reinforced, 1.35m oxygen free cable Signature aerophonic design 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips 3 button in line remote with 360 Degree mic. What's in the box. RHA MA750i premium noise isolating in ear headphone with remote and microphone Premium carry case 10 sets of dual density, silicone and memory foam ear tips Patent pending stainless steel ear tip holder User guide

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  1. High-End-Addict
    "Very poor sound, very expensive , Don't ever buy those"
    Pros - aluminium design Made in Europe nice packaging
    Cons - averything is wrong sound balance is no bass plenty of harsh treble
    This is the worse purchase i did in audio ever.
    RHA should be ashamed releasing such a poor quality product.
    And the audio press should be ashamed not to mention this is well below average ...
    I think I will not even give it away just throw in the WC where it should never have come out.
    Doesn't deserve to say more.
    And do not hope that anything can better it. no tweaks , no burn-in, no hope.
  2. Peter Zhang
    "There won't be regrets in buying these."
    Pros - Great isolation, comfortable warm sound, solid build, premium feel, fantastic service.
    Cons - Metal body might take time to get used to (not really a con)
    First of all, fantastic sound. Not necessarily *non-biased*, but possesses smooth highs, fantastically defined mids, and rich, powerful, yet completely not overwhelming bass. I accidentally broke my pair(which is completely my fault) and I sent them an email about it, and they sent me a replacement that is brand new. If you're new to hifi, and want a pair of versatile in-ears, these are definitely not letting you down.
  3. meetpatel3686
    "Luxury IEMs in a budget along with great aesthetics and sonic capabilities...!!"
    Pros - Great soundstage,Isolation,Build quality,Detailed and lush sound
    Cons - Slightly heavy,Stock tips,Lacks details in mids

    RHA is a Scottish brand that has been around for a few years.The MA750s that I'm reviewing today has been bought by me for around 120$.I'm in no way affiliated to RHA,I just want to share my honest opinion.Here's the official website for this IEM - https://www.rha-audio.com/sg/headphones/ma750.html
    About me:
    I'm a bachelor.Honestly I don't know much about the sonic technicalities though I can distinguish between different frequencies.I rely on my ears.This whole head-fi thing is new to me(and growing).I prefer rock,country and indie pop.I like neutral to warmish sound.I'm a newbie so I'd request you to consider other reviews as well.
    Handmade Dynamic (model 560.1)
    Frequency range
    16 Ohm
    Rated/max power
    1.35m, reinforced, OFC
    3.5mm, gold plated

    Packaging and Accessories:
    The MA750s are packed with great care in a premium box having a magnetic flap.The packaging makes you feel the premiumness of the product aesthetically.It looks so stunning.Even the tip holder is made of metal.These looks so sexy.Included were the 2 pairs of comply premium foam ear tips,3 pairs of silicon ear tips and 2 pairs of double flange ear tips.One carrying case and a clothing clip is also there.A detailed booklet has been also provided by the RHA,which is great IMO.Overall the packaging and accessories provides premium experience.
    Here are some pics from the official website:



    Build Quality and Aesthetics:
    The first impression out of the box was the impressive build quality of the IEMs.RHA has used stainless steel as much as possible.The housing is all made of stainless steel.Even the spliter is also made of metal.The cable is quite thick and seems very sturdy.The headphone jack is also made of metal and it is protected by strain relief.And let's not forget that whooping 3 years warrenty provided by RHA that reflects their confidence for the product.These IEMs look very sexy and enchanting.
    Fit and Comfort:
    Despite being heavy the MA750s are quite comfortable.Initially one might struggle for a good fit,but once you find good fit you will forget about their weight.As these IEMs are made to wear over ear maybe some may not appreciate the design,while I myself like this approach which helps in demolition of the weight.The cable is also lengthy which is a good thing.
    Sound Quality:
    I honestly did’nt expect much from the MA750s,it turned out that I underestimated them.These requires a long burn in IMO.I would suggest to burn them in for at least 50 hours.The sound tonalty of MA750s is detailed having emphasis on the highs.The overall spectrum seems to be on the neautral side.
    The upper bass on the MA750s is detailed and punchy along with spaciousness.While the mid bass and the sub bass lacks the depth and the extension.The sub bass lacks the punchiness.Overall the lows have good resolution.The lows do not seem to be interfereing with the mids in any way.For the price I think the performance of lows is great.
    Mids are quite detailed and full of energy.No sibilance is noted.Mids have a full body and are articulate.The vocals lacks the definition and seems dull.Mids are less forward in comparision to other spectrum.Mids definitely lacks the naturalness of the sound.I personally believe the mids could be better on these IEMs.Though considering the price the quality of mids is good and acceptable.
    Excellent!!! The highs on these are full of lush and energy.The highs are speedy and edgy,but they are not piercing.Highs have a good texture and definition.It represents spaciousness in the overall sound spectrum.Honestly the highs on these punches way above their price.Bravo RHA!!
    Soundstage and Seperation:
    If you carve for wide soundstage and good imaging in IEMs,these IEMs will surely satisfy your need.They have enough depth as well as wildth.The instrunemts sounds well articulated and have natural texture.IMO the soundstage and separation is excellent for this price range.
    The isolation with the stock tips is average.The comply foam tips are must in order to achieve a good seal and proper isolation.After achieving a good seal you can simply forget everything else and focus on the music.
    I won’t be able to compare these to my other IEMs due to my study and hence I won’t be able to justify such comparison.Sorry for the same.However if anyone’s interested for comparison against MDR XB90EX,Shozy Zero,VE Monk+,MDR XB70AP he can pm me for the same.
    The RHA MA750 was released back in 2013,though they are excellent value for money if you want engaging sounstage,excellent highs and lush sound.The MA750s let you experience the natural spectrum of the sound.If you’re new to the head-fi journey and want to experience the neutral sound along with a touch of fun the RHA MA750 is the perfect choice.In brief you can’t go wrong with these IEMs due to its lush and energetic sound.

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