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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. heliosphann
    Your response is completely irrelevant to the statement that I made. I'm well aware of the effect wood has on the overall sound headphones and musical instruments.

    What I was referring to was this post that Zach made earlier in this thread:
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  2. felix3650
    Oh sorry. I read that wrong then. My bad :)
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  3. wazzupi
  4. wazzupi
    In retrospect, as i don't know much about the broad world of woods, but can assume Blackwood would give a significant change in tone and impact... Are there any other woods worth mentioning or note worthy xD ?
  5. UsoppNoKami
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  6. wazzupi
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  7. heliosphann
    I had a Teak Auteur and a Blackwood Autuer at the same time and there was a noticeable difference. The Blackwoods sounded faster, smoother overall and had a boost in the low end over the Teak's. Regarding Zach's comments, I gather that due to the Be drivers being so fast and resolving (along with the baffling), that the impact of wood type is even less pronounced compared to the Auteur.

    Cocobolo is very close to Blackwood in regard to tone/impact from what I've read (although I've not directly compared myself).
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  8. UsoppNoKami
    According to Zach's page, " A larger pore size will slightly enhance the "space" and "depth" of a headphones sonic attributes."

    With that statement as a guide and a sample list of such woods, I'd guess the larger pore woods would be desirable for me personally.

    But I'd have to like the look of the wood too...
  9. Hansotek
    Just did a 3-way comparison between the Verite, Auteur and Abyss.... very interesting. Verite really splits the difference between the two headphones in a lot of ways.

    Bass - Verite is right in the middle between the Auteur and the Abyss's all-out physical assault. Abyss still the king of subbass.

    Midrange - Verite is in the middle again here, veering a little closer to the Auteur than the Abyss's more v-shaped sound. Definitely more resolution and refinement on Verite vs. Auteur. Abyss is a little cleaner, but 2x the price and more colored overall in this area with a larger upper midrange recession.

    Treble - Verite is my favorite of the 3 in this regard. Cleaner and more resolving than Auteur and less spiked than Abyss on the amp I was using (Manley Absolute in push-pull mode). Overall treble resolution between Verite and Abyss is too close to declare a clear winner, which says a lot about Verite.

    Stage - Abyss is the largest, which is no surprise as everything sounds huge out of it. Verite spilts the difference - if Auteur is 1 and Abyss is 10, Verite is like 6 or 7. Pretty similar to where it sat between Auteur and HD800, but in a little different way (HD800 presents smaller objects on a larger stage that are more spaced out, Abyss presents larger objects on a larger stage that are spaced more naturally, if you're unfamiliar with the staging difference between the two).

    Clarity and Resolution - Auteur has the most noise and least resolution of the three, Abyss has the least noise and most resolution (which shouldn't surprise anybody). Going back to that 1-10 scale, Verite is about a 7.5 toward the Abyss side. But because the treble is a little less spiky and the upper midrange is more present, it shows a little more like a 9. Abyss just has a little edge because the background is so black and the resolution is so extreme.

    Verite is the most comfortable of the three, being significantly lighter than the Auteur and not being a pain in the butt to wear like the Abyss. In a fully contextualized, subjective comparison between the three, I think most people would prefer Verite as the middle path. IMHO, YMMV, etc.
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  10. Spandy87
    Nice to hear about the treble in particular since it was my main concern. Personally I can't wear the abyss, just painful without mods. How's the transient speed on the verite compared to the abyss?
  11. yates7592
    Interesting, thank you. I found my old Abyss APITA to use, having to constantly adjust the headband and pads according to the particular genre I was listening to. I also found it difficult to prevent bass distortion on some tracks, requiring further adjustments. I don't miss my old Abyss at all. Good to know that Verite gets you almost there without all the grief.
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  12. Mrstump5
    Awesome! Can't wait to get mine in
  13. Hansotek
    It's close between the two. They're both lightning fast. The most noticeable difference is the background on the Abyss is so preposterously quiet because of that crazy housing. That and the Abyss's subbass.
  14. gLer
    Nice companion, although I don't really care what the Abyss sounds like - I'll never buy a headphone that looks like a mediaeval torture device (and feels like one too). In fact the Auteur just shades the Verite in the looks department (for me). Love that French-inspired grille. Abyss is a very distant last.
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  15. Blase
    I'm guessing this was with the universe pads, which don't trade treble for upper mid range like the others? Also I really hope the Diana or Diana Phi doesn't have that large of an upper mid range dip compared to the regular Abyss. It's seemingly the only planar that checks all my boxes for a complimentary headphone to the other two I plan on buying.
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