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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. VickyLovesHeadphones
    Which pads come stock with the Vérité? Will there be a Vérité suede pad?
  2. felix3650
    You get the Universal (driver more paralel to the ear, equal in overall pad thickness) and the Verite (angled driver position, thicker on the back and thinner on the front).
    Don't know about the Suede option. Zach's the man to ask :wink:
  3. jinxy245
    @Pharmaboy has the Ori & he swears by them. I've heard them on several occasions, and they are phenomenal...stack up well against many more expensive HPs IMO.
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  4. felix3650
    I had the Ori too and it was quite a formidable headphone when amped properly. The T50RP driver benefited from more juice.
    I moved to the Eikon though as I'm more of a dynamic driver fan. I just love the bass only a dynamic can produce.
    Speaking of which the Verite would be a nice contrast from my Auteur next year. Let's see if a Cocobolo with brushed aluminum rod and grill set is coming out :)
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  5. jinxy245
    I find I lean toward a dynamic driver preference as well, but there is just something about planar bass that is captivating as well. If I already had an Ori IDK if I'd switch, but I do love (and prefer overall) my Eikon as well.

    From all reports, the Verite would indeed be an awesome complement to the Auteur...I haven't heard them yet, and I've only demoed the Auteur so far, but the Verite is supposed to be much faster in the transients...I'm sure I'd love that one as well!
  6. Monsterzero
    IMO theyre not redundant at all,and planning on adding both to my stable. :)
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  7. ericx85
    Cant wait to see the reviews for this pouring out. I recently just got the Utopias due to the thinness of my HD800-s getting to me, I do miss the soundstage a little though. A while back I got the Eikon to be my closed set of cans when I needed to block out noise, While the Eikons may not be my "best" set of cans, they are far and away my favorite. I've even found myself using them when I didn't have any annoying racket going on where I am lol. They really were a very pleasant surprise for me with how much I enjoy them. They took a while to come but damn well worth the wait.
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2018
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  8. ProfFalkin
    If they are your favorite, they are your best. Quit letting people dictate to you what your best audio should sound like.

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  9. Pharmaboy
    If you're color blind this might be A-OK
  10. heliosphann
    I dunno, Baby Green and Nut and Corn Crunch Brown go pretty well together.

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  11. Hansotek
    So, I enjoyed Verite quite a bit with your playlist. Especially Francis Lockwood and Christian McBride. It's kinda going to come down to whether or not you like the signature and want to hear that stuff straight neutral or with a nice layer of warmth on it. If you like a more neutral-ish sound, all of this stuff is absolutely spot on with Auteur. If you want a little warmer, more laid back sound and a bit more bass emphasis, Verite is good for that. Verite also gives you a good bit of extra stage size and inner detail as well.
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  12. Spandy87
    Thanks for the info. I pulled the trigger on the verite, even though I honestly found the Auteur to be a bit dark. My hope is that the claim that the added speed and resolution makes up for the warm tone I'm hearing about is sufficient to my taste. Zach's preferences haven't led me astray yet. To me the Auteur is tuned just right, and I would only add a bit of air up top (I eq that in as best I can). I don't dislike warm, I just happen to already have that covered with the AFO. I'm hoping the verite is the perfect solution for my jazz addiction, and I'm expecting to eq it a bit. The only question is how much, and how the beryllium coated drivers respond.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
  13. Hansotek
    They respond very well to EQ, actually. I’ve been playing with that a bit too.
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  14. Mrstump5
    Ive been told two different things about the pads. Ive been told the universe pads have a bigger stage. Ive also been told the verite pad had a bigger wider stage. Lol. Which is it?!
  15. Hansotek
    Universe pads definitely have more depth. I’m not sure off the top of my head which is wider. They are definitely wide either way once you start comparing to other headphones.
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