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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. RMarks271
    Great, thanks - that's the trouble, it's not really feasible to demo any of the gear, which is why I'm so eager for as much information as I can get.
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  2. UntilThen
    I agree that a demo or better still get the headphone back home and live with it for a while with your amp and dac. All 3 of my ZMF headphones were bought blind but they sounded great. It must be some insanity that made me sell off the Eikon and Atticus after having them for a year. Of the 2, I prefer the Eikon because I'm more of a details person. Of the 3, it's the Verite Open as my preferred choice that's for sure.

    Haven't heard the Auteur but @Phantaminum seems to love it. From his description, the Auteur seems to be a super HD800 to me. :) Now being a details person, I could love that .... but honestly I find the Verite's clarity and details more than sufficient for me, plus the texture and organic tone. I use the Verite lambskin flat pads btw.
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  3. Phantaminum
    I love heck out of the Auteurs. Had to rebuy them after I sold my Teaks to fund the Verite. Once I got the Blackwood I was in love. Its tone and timbre is just that good.

    I’ll put it this way - I have to use some very pricey glass to get the tone and timbre of the Verite where I want it on the Apex Teton. Connected to Ultrasonic Studios Oblivion amp (which uses its tubes only for voltage amplification and not to color the sound) the Auteurs sound sublime.

    I’ve been arguing with myself if I should put the Teton up for sale again because of the synergy from the Auteur and Oblivion amp.

    On the other hand, the Verite is a beast when it comes to small changes in volume gradations and instrumental texture. It resolves up there with the best of them.
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  4. RMarks271
    And the way you've just described the Verite is exactly what makes me want them - and I'll also be buying blind.
  5. UntilThen
    I am getting an Oblivion for review just before Christmas it seems. It will be interesting to hear how it synergies with Verite and HD800.
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  6. bryceu
    I don't own Auteur (Teak) any longer as I sold it to fund the Verite Cocobolo Open. My summary would be:
    Auteur (Auteur Lamb pads) more relaxed/stepped back stage, more linear response, more realistic timbre, outer limit of stage more defined.
    Verite (Verite Lamb pads) more forward, superior speed, better imaging, more resolving, tighter bass response, more open.
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  7. RMarks271
    You've said the Auteur has a better defined outer-stage - does the Verite have good staging, even if not as good as the Auteur?
  8. RMarks271
    Absolutely brilliant comparison - thank you.

    Although you say the Auteur has the wider soundstage, or more defined width, does the Verite have 'some' width to it? The 3D aspect is great, but I'm also looking for some width to envision instruments across the stage.
  9. bryceu
    The Verite staging is incredible, and the imaging is as well. The Auteur I can hear the outer limit of the the stage because I can hear it reverberating off the more closed-in cup design. Does that make sense?
  10. RMarks271
    Absolutely - I'm looking forward to getting a pair in the (hopefully) near future!
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  11. bryceu
    Thank you for this. Killer track. This drum imaging on the VO V-lamb is some of the best I've heard. Got any more drum recommendations?

    And yea Lambskin Verite pads all the way. I had just put on the Universe Suede pads and threw on Perfect Circle - Mer de Noms and I was really disappointed with the sound. No air to breath, congested, claustrophobic almost. Putting the Verite lambskins back on brought everything into the open and cleared up everything.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
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  12. bryceu

    This is one of my favorites for fun imaging.
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  13. bryceu

    These are fun too.
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  14. jawks
    Hi everyone! I just received my silkwood Verite open over the weekend and am looking forward to joining in on some of these discussions! I haven't listened to them long enough to be able to make any confident impressions, but my initial thoughts were very positive. They are noticeably lighter and do have a different sound that my teak Auteur, as I've read in my reviews. I listened to both using my Decware CSP2 OTL as well as my iFi iDSD Pro. The Auteur sounds wonderful and very balanced out of the CSP2, but for some reason, this was not a good of a pairing with the Verite. Treble seemed rolled off and distant, and I felt like something was lacking in the sound. Then I hooked up the Verite to the iDSD Pro and used the tube mode and wow, did the sound open up and I could hear what I was not hearing from the CSP2. I have to say I was a bit surprised by this, because I thought that the CSP2 would pair just as well with the Verite as it did with the Auteur. I realize that the Verite and Auteur have different sound signatures, but I was not expecting such a different response out of an OTL amp. Anyone else have a similar experience?
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  15. Phantaminum
    Give the Verite some time for it to open up its lungs. Takes about 150 hours before it really settles in and the sound sig changes. You’ll notice a significant difference from when you received them to after burn in.
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