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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. RMarks271
    Fair enough, being in the UK I know the feeling. Could you give me the dimensions and the weight of the Pendant? It's difficult to find online.
  2. Dipesh
    I owned both at one point and decided to sell pendant. I love the heft and slam of Mogwai se. Tube rolling is joy with it. Very responsive. Personally I found Mogwai bit more warmer and lush. Again just a personal opinion. Mullard EL34 brown base..is amazing.
    Just depends on what you prefer. Both are amazing tube setup.

    Current setup.
    iMac pro - ifi nano igalvanic - Naim Uniti atom- (verite/ stellia)
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  3. HeartShapedPillboxHat
    Sorry for the old quote, Are those the copper grills? I'm getting ready to place an order for Aeolus Blackwood and I can't find a picture never mind a good one of a dark ZMF with copper grills.
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  4. johnnypaddock
    I can measure it for you but I don't think I have the weight... It's not all that heavy though. I'll get back to you ASAP.
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  5. RMarks271
    Thanks that would be great - would like some idea of the footprint based on the space I have.
  6. johnnypaddock
    12 5/8" wide
    9 1/2" deep
    6" tall (top of transformer)
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  7. jinxy245
    I have the Verite on loan right now, and I'm using a DNA Sonnet 2 and the ifi Pro iCan as my amps. The Sonnet 2 is no longer offered, but used is in the 1K range. DNA's newest Starlet is about 2k IIRC and is supposed to be a step above. The Pro iCan pairs quite well with it as well IMO, no complaints at all.
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  8. UntilThen
    Are the LTD for both Verite Open and Closed no longer available? Can't see it on the website.
  9. Darthpool
    I responded in the Aeolus thread with pictures of my Aeolus with copper grills =) I’ll work on getting some more pictures tomorrow.
  10. RMarks271
    thanks very much, very helpful!
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  11. JM1979
    for the closed, I know the LTD desert ironwood sold out and I’d imagine ZMF wants to get close to completing production of them before announcing a new wood.

    I’m guessing the same might hold true for the open.
  12. bryceu
    The Cocobolo is definitely done because it’s gone for the vérité and the Auteur. I would imagine desert wood is gone too cause of how popular it was for the VC.
  13. nishan99
    I listen to this track whenever I want to flex the verite drivers, even with the verite lambskin pads the imaging is still great and composed during crowded passages.

    (Orchestra + Metal :D)
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
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  14. Darthpool
    Sooo….because....reasons....I put the Aeolus only Universe pads with chrome leather (can only get them with a pair of Aeolus). Wow! Dat Bass...it puts a very V shaped signature in place....or more like a "Check" mark signature to my ears. Reminds me of a Fostex THxx series of headphones... but way more crisp and the bass isn't as overwhelming. ooh..another track just came on with some male vocals and the mids are "crispy" as well or I guess "sharp" but not quite piercing, the highs feel like they are flirting with causing "pain" I think these would be like a dominatrix pad with the Verite =| not sure how I feel about that statement....lol...did this just get awkward...

    Ok that above statement was while listening to Spotify premium...now I'm on Qobuz Studio lossless...and it has smoothed out the "crisp" and "sharp" a little more, but is still leaning towards that "check" mark signature, which to me has the mids bleeding into the highs and elevated along with the highs. With Qobuz it seems like there is more control over the smoothness...but it is still flirting with that "piercing" level of highs...and for many I think this would be a problem. But damn with some bass heavy tracks this pad "slams" and is very visceral.

    Anyhow, just messing around with some of the pads on hand...and I just realized I no longer have a pair of perforated universe pads...well looks like I need to remedy that. Current pads on hand, Suede perforated universe, two pairs of Aeolus Universe perf pads, Be2 pads, Verite pads. Oh and the Universe non-perf, and Auteur pads, looking to order a set of the new hybrids with the universe perf pads =)

    Ok back on some Be2 (reminds me of a Star Wars droid name :gs1000smile:) This is a great Pad...Trying to decide if I like this more than the Suede Universe perf pads...Can't recall if I would prefer these to the Perf Universe pads though, but as of right now big thumbs up...they just sound right (listening on Qobuz right now). They lost the "visceral" slam "weight" but retain the "punch" (oh please be confused by that statement :wink: lol), they feel more neutral with a better tonal balance and better staging, getting more of the "3D-ness" that the Verites are good at back :L3000:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  15. mixman
    Ha, you missed the Suede Perforated Verite pads. Right now my favorite.
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