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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. bryceu
    @Darthpool You need better gear upstream for that setup, otherwise looks great.
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  2. bryceu
    In regards to the Mjolnir 2 vs Liquid Platinum comparison (I will update as I discover more differentiating qualities);

    I wish I had a better setup for comparing them directly, but since I only have one set of all the tubes it's hard to directly compare the amps. I mostly used the RME ADI-2 as my baseline then went on to the LP/Mj2 with whichever tube I was trying to listen to at that time.
    The Mj2 with stock 6BZ7 is much more to my liking than the LP with stock EH6922 tubes.
    I found myself enjoying the LP the most when passively listening (doing schoolwork or reading), the Mjolnir 2 when actively listening.

    The Mj2 (with stock tubes), has most noticeably, more bass authority, slightly elevated quantity and a stronger grip on the driver.
    The LP can feel like you are a row or two further back in the audience, the Mj2 is slightly more forward. (Good or bad depending on song, headphone used, and preference.)

    As far as specific tube pairings;
    Of the tubes I have I enjoy the stock the most in the Mj2.
    The EH6922 are the most relaxed tube in the Mj2.
    The Genalex Gold Lions are providing the warmest sound, and the least slam, smallest stage, and some detail roll-off.
    With Bugle Boys in the LP it can present some of the best treble details of any combination, but at the cost of a bit too much air/grain. Not to mention the most slam I could get out of the LP.
    LISST tubes with Mj2 are not great, RME ADI-2 amp was superior.

    Form factor wise, I prefer the size of the Liquid Platinum. The Mjolnir 2 takes up a lot of desk space..
    Feature wise the Mjolnir 2 is superior with XLR outputs and hi/low gain toggle.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2019
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  3. mixman
    Which amp would have the best staging in your opinion? I found the LP had a wider stage yet lost the air and details compared to the THX. The LP had more slam but seemed to make the bass woolly on the Verite. This was with the EH and Gold Lions.
  4. bryceu
    If anything I would say the Mj2 has the ability to throw stuff further left and right than the LP, but it's not an overall wider stage. I don't know if that makes sense.. Do you have a particular song that's your reference track for soundstage width? I'd be happy to listen to it and give it a compare. I also just realized I have two pairs of Bugle Boys so I have them in both amps currently, although I can't speak on the actual quality of each pair respective of the other. I am really enjoying the sound of the Bugle Boys on both Mj2 and LP. Very airy, nice slam, excellent detail.
  5. bryceu
    With Bugle Boys in both the Mj2 and LP.
    Listening to Queen - We Will Rock You;
    The Mj2 has a slight bit more width, the LP more frontal depth. The LP is resolving slightly more detail, more variety of sound from the feet "hitting the ground."
    Listening to Journey - Don't Stop Believing;
    The Mj2 puts slightly more emphasis on the piano, the LP puts the vocals a tad more forward. Tonally I find the extra body of the Mj2 here to be more appreciative than the LP. The guitar riff and chimes? that come in around 0:40 appear from slightly further away on the Mj2 than the LP.
    Listening to VAST - Pretty When You Cry;
    The Mj2 giving more emphasis to the floor drum than the LP. The LP has sharper imaging here, however the Mj2 is able to keep the heavy bass line separated from the rest of the mix better. I notice more texture on the bass guitar with the Mj2.
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  6. nwavesailor
    Thanks for your MJ2/LP impressions, bryceu! I have a pair of Verite ordered and own the LP and HeadAmp GS-X mini.

    I appreciate your impressions of these particularly 2 amps with the test tracks listed and what you hear from amp A to amp B. I didn't want to go down the MJ2 road, even if it was a bit better in sq, due to it's large footprint and IMO boring rectangular box chassis.

    I found using 12AU7's (Telefunken, Mullard and Hivac) as well as WE396A / 2C51 were a very nice step up from the EH 6922's in the LP. I have quite a few Amperex 6DJ8, 6922, 7308 and 12AU7 (no BB) that sound great!
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  7. ProfFalkin
    Just my 2¢ here...

    The LP and MJ2 are both hybrid amps, yes. They are both in entirely different sound categories though.

    I demoed the LP for about a month. It's pretty neutral, still adds a little flavor to keep it from being boring, has decent staging, etc. It's one of the better "Jack of all trades" mid-tier amps I've heard. I got rid of it.

    I still own the Mj2. There isn't another impactfully musical amp on the market that compares to it. It has "flaws", sure. Every single one adds to it's character and personality that I really enjoy. I run mine with Amperex 6DJ8/ECC88 Silver Shield A Frame tubes from a Gumby a2. With that said, I don't listen to classical music, and I can see the Mj2 might do things that classical snobs would be downright offended by. Because they are snobs. For every other genre of music, it's great.
  8. mixman
    Kind of seems like you feel it's a tie between these two and that it depends on the music as to which you like the best.

    Having heard both, I would think with the GXS mini, there would be no real need for the LP.

    This is pretty much how I felt about the LP, even against my THX. I didn't think it was a clear winner. I am willing to give it a try again and roll more tubes with it, but if the MJ2 is clearly better I may as well try that first. In what ways do you think the MJ2 is better?
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  9. ProfFalkin
    Do you know, or have you met, someone who was completely and unapologetically themselves? They say what they want, when they want, and if you don't like it then you better harden up buttercup, because you're an adult and responsible for your own feelings? The kind of person who thinks every day above ground is a good day? Not that they are intentionally rude, unempathetic, or in-your-face... They just don't give a flip if you disagree?

    That's Mjolnir 2.

    It's in your face, impactful, immediate, and fun. Kick drums and snares hit hard. String plucks are detailed and unveiled. Everything is front and center, noticable, and there for your lizard brain to react to. It's intoxicating. Even amps like my beloved ECP 3F can't match what Mjolnir does well.
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  10. nwavesailor
    As much as I would like to hear a MJ2, too much of a footprint on my listening table for me to snag one!
  11. ufospls2
    Well, these arrived late last night. I think they look absolutely awesome : )

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2019
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  12. nwavesailor
    Cocobolo w/brass and black chassis?

    They look CRAZY good!:astonished:
  13. ufospls2
    Its actually copper, but cocobolo and black, yup! :)
  14. Bonddam
    They look good nice grain.
  15. nwavesailor
    OK.............I'm looking at brass or copper. Do you know if the copper is coated or will it get the natural green copper patina over time?
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