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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. heliosphann
    Yea, those are for the VC, but I'll throw them on my VO this week and see how they sound.
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  2. mixman
    Cool, let us know how they sound on the VO.
  3. Darthpool
    Just got mine in today as well!! Loving the quality, it feels excellent, looks fantastic! Can’t complain! Plus it just adds to the overall beauty of my ZMF Verites
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  4. tommytakis
    ECP Ravenswood + Verite. What a combo!

  5. nishan99
    After weeks of changing the pads between the Universe lambskin/suede and verite lambskin pads, the verite L pads are superior in technicalities… resolution, dynamics and imaging are all clearly and objectively superior.
    I couldn't go back to the other pads.

    Though I can imagine it being too forward and intense for some people hence I am not surprised to see people preferring the other pads. It's all about what you like after all.

    I EQ the verite upper mids 4-6dB (depending on the pads) to match~ my Elex upper mids(my reference), I doubt any amp(except tubes), dac or cable can give that much of a boost. Otherwise the guitars and some vocals can sound a bit distant to my liking.
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  6. bryceu
    This is my same conclusion, although its quite preliminary.

    The Verite lambskin pads showcase the abilities of the Verite the best.

    I'm also adding a slight EQ in the upper mids, but only 2-3db.
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  7. Dipesh
    so cocobolo or Silkwood?
  8. ProfFalkin
    That's essentially the same setup I have. It is quite a synergistic pairing! I'll admit, I do use the Auteur a little more than the Verite on that setup though.
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  9. tommytakis
    I feel you. I actually have a cocobolo Auteur with me as a loaner and the synergy is unreal with the Auteur. It's made me think of selling the Verite for an Auteur... err... idk fk this is a real headscratcher
  10. DrpsDrpr
    I’m the exact same way- I don’t dislike the universe pads, the soundstage is nice and big on them after all, but they definitely diminish all the technicalities you listed, and it’s super apparent when you swap from them to the V pads- they’re also a touch warmer at that, and the Vérité is already plenty warm as it is to my ears. Similarly, I EQ the mids and a bit of the treble up, which coupled with the V pads takes the Vérité from a “technically fantastic but tonally not my cup of tea” headphone, to “best active listening headphone for music enjoyment I’ve heard to date.”

    Similarly I get a stronger sense of the “3D-ness” of the headphone with the V pads than what the U pads are claimed to highlight. I occasionally get a unique ‘zooming’ effect from the U pads, but because the dynamics and imaging are so much clearer and impactful with the V pads, they actually sound more distinctive and three-dimensional to me, even though the soundstage is much closer.

    I could see myself throwing on the U pads once in a while if I just want to sit back with some music in the background, otherwise it’s V pads all the way for visceral, engaged listening.
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  11. heliosphann
    Always go for the 'Bolo if you can is my two cents.
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  12. Dipesh
    reason behind that mate
  13. Torq
    Not to speak for @heliosphann ... but here's one reason:

    Verite (Cocobolo) - Seattle - Left (1024).jpg

    And it's a recurring LTD wood-offering (along with my other favorite-to-date Ziricote) ... as it is almost unfailingly gorgeous, and sounds entirely lovely to boot.
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  14. Dipesh
  15. heliosphann
    What he said.
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