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ZMF Verite

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by heliosphann, Oct 3, 2018.
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  1. pippen99
    Silver Verite cable arrived today. Shown connected to my Verite Pheasantwood. Workmanship of the highest Quality! IMG_20191016_151415942.jpg IMG_20191016_151501147.jpg
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  2. Roasty
    I tried the verite at Zepp & Co twice and really didn't like it or enjoy it. I thought everyone on this thread must be super high on pot and I really wanted whatever it is they were having.. So asked around here, and people realized i had likely listened to it with the wrong pads. Went back to Zepp, tried it again with the verite flat pads.. and then placed an order for cocobolo.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  3. Dipesh
    Cocobolo with Vérité flat pad through Mogwai SE tube amp. I am going to pull the trigger.
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  4. KcMsterpce
    Wow, interesting. Where are you getting the cocobolo?
    I find that although cocobolo has a very natural, earthy tone with hints of inner-ear resonance (when I put my ear up to it)... actual ZMF headphones have a LOT more musical variety! :O :D
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  5. Roasty
    I placed an order through Zepp & Co. Saw the cocobolo pics on zmf site and loved the grain.
  6. Dipesh
    So should go for cocobolo? I am running ADI 2 / Amps and sound Mogwai SE
  7. Bonddam
    If it a better wood then yes.
  8. Dipesh
    I haven't heard COCObolo Verite. I don't know the sound signature.
  9. bryceu
    Currently enjoying the Universe Suede Pads that arrived today:
    These seem to be the most linear of the three pad variations I have (Verite, Universe, and Universe Suede).
    Vocals are more present in the mix with U-suede.
    Bass, mostly lower region of bass, feels slightly reduced and not quite as tight.
    Very comfortable, also the suede seems to make the headphones "cling" to your head slightly better than lambskin.
    Overall resolution/detail sounds reduced. The speed and tightness of the driver felt more pronounced with the lambskin pads, especially Verite pads.
  10. bryceu
    Others who have heard both can trump my response, but from what I gathered (when I asked the same question prior to purchasing my Verite Cocobolo), is that the wood makes only a small difference in the sound qualities. Most noticeable difference being the resonance and decay which is higher (more) with the softer wood such as silkwood, and lower (less) with harder wood like Cocobolo.

    Aside from 'minute' sound difference, more noticeably the Cocobolo is a bit heavier ~50-100g (I believe), and the wood has much more visual character (grain, tone variation).

    I was recommended to choose based on preference of look more so than anticipated sound differences, and I'm very pleased with my choice for Cocobolo. They came out beautifully and I feel I have a pair that has a tone and grain which is unique to my pair versus a more generic look of the silk wood.
  11. bryceu
    Forewarning to my response: The Ether 2 was amp dependent, more than most headphones I have owned, and I don't feel I had the most optimal amplification for the Ether 2.

    I found the Ether 2 to have more bass quantity. The bass on the Ether 2 (through the Questyle CMA600i, and Dan's demo rigs (Ragnarok 2 + another I forget) was thunderous and powerful. This doesn't mean it was bloated, in fact, bass texture on the Ether 2 was great as well. Sub-bass extension was incredible as well. [However on the ADI-2, ZDT Jr (not optimal), and 789 it was much more polite in the lower region than the other rigs mentioned.]
    The Verite beats the Ether 2 in resolution and slam. The Verite feels very accurate and more technically capable.
    I think both are excellent in the bass region.
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  12. JM1979
    ZMF’s cable work is very underrated. Their 2K copper cable is the best cable I’ve ever heard and easily the best cable I’ve ever held in my hands.
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  13. Chidi
    Thanks for the response. I actually run mine off the CMA 600i as well, as I found the bass to be more powerful on it than every other amp I demoed. I guess the Verite will probably be my next headphone; now if I can somehow find a place in SoCal to try them out. Sucks that The SourceAV doesn't carry ZMF headphones anymore.
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
  14. mixman
    That's one of the few pads suitable for the Verite that I do not have, the Universe Suede. I do have the Verite Suede and I can tell you the pinpoint accuracy especially on vocals is uncanny. Instruments are more distant, but vocals are right there in your face. I also love the BE2 pads a nice in between sounding pad to the Verite and Universe.

    I now see a new pad on the website, the Verite Non Perforated pad. It is now "sold out", but I may want to try that next. It's nice to have these choices and be able to tune your own sound.
  15. bryceu
    I think the non-perf are intended for the VC and I assume would sound “off” when paired with VO.

    I’m sure I’ll end up trying Verite suede one day too, but for now swapping three is already a lot! Lol. I’m feeling like ultimately the Verite lambskin will be my go-to, with a very slight touch of EQ.

    But I plan to pick one of the three pads I currently own and stick to it for at least a week without swapping to learn it better, repeating after with the other two options.
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