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ZiShan T1 Hi-Fi Player Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IcedFrosty, Jul 27, 2019.

Is this the best DAP under $100?

  1. Yes

    11 vote(s)
  2. No

    10 vote(s)
  3. Way above the price range!

    4 vote(s)
  4. Could be

    18 vote(s)
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  1. silverfishla
    Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.
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  2. IcedFrosty

    I hope you're happy with your purchase. Keep in mind, Zishan products are for price-to-performance and not really into built quality. So, treat em carefully. And if the screen is somewhat "error" Or irresponsive, head over this post https://www.head-fi.org/threads/zishan-t1-hi-fi-player-thread.911795/page-12#post-15138816.
    About LPF op-amps, sadly, there's no other way to use op-amps that bigger than plastic DIP8 op-amps, yet. But hopefully, there's someone who can find a way to use those kind of op-amps (I read that quite a lot of people likes burson's). Wait for ZiShan or the guys at player.ru to find a way out.
    About the rest of your posts, well, I'm sorry, I can't answer them, as I'm not an audio engineer nor a professional in this. But, I've already discuss something like this in https://www.head-fi.org/threads/zishan-t1-hi-fi-player-thread.911795/page-12#post-15141801. But don't worry. ZiShan read what's happening here.

    I hope I can answer your questions. If not, let ZiShan alone answer your questions through future updates and products :wink:.

    God bless
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  3. HeyManslowdown97
    All good Ice Man! Thanks for the follow up and your honesty for “inside” knowledge of everything Zishan! 6F88FDBF-1560-40FA-A943-3281E8471A27.jpeg
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
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  4. IcedFrosty
    Guys, so I was just searching for Zishan T1 on YouTube. I scrolled down and I found this

    I, at first wanted to watch zpolt's review, then I accidentally found that video. He stated on the description section that he uses pen from old PDA devices to navigate T1, as they both use resistive screen. Or wooden toothpick can also helpful.

    Hopes this help

    Edit: Don't thank me bro, I got all of these infos from my trusted source. So say thanks to him :wink:

    God bless
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2019
  5. metabenzene
    Dear IceFrosty

    Do you have any information about new firmware for use zishan T1 as USB DAC? Thank you.
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  6. cqtek
    Although I alphabetize the SD card with DriveSort software, folders inside other folders are never sorted in alphabetical order. Does that happen to you too?
  7. skaktuss
  8. cqtek
    No matter which software I use, I've already tested all the ones that work in the rest of the DAPs I have.
    What gets messy are the folders inside other folders. Files don't.
    I usually put the year at the beginning of the folder, to keep an order with the discographies, but he arranges them as he wants.

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  9. IcedFrosty
    Zishan player played songs based on the date the songs created. So if you pasted folder B 1 second ahead than folder A, then folder B will be the first one to be showed. So move them one by one, or try file date editor, like this one

    Hopes this help
    I haven't pick my T1 up. Hopefully, I'll pick it up by tomorrow (8/31). After that, I'll do my best to bring all of the T1 features and other stuff into a single review. So stay tuned!

    God bless
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  10. cqtek
    It's not working, firend.
    I'm talking about folders, not files.
    Even if you change the date of individual folders, they're not sorted as they should be.

    And to change the date of the folders I use Total Commander
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  11. silverfishla
    I think he means the folders are arranged by how you plop them on the sd card.
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  12. cqtek
    Yes, I fully understand what you're saying. And that is solved with programs that order the FAT table.
    In fact, the first folder level is perfectly ordered.

    Well. Now I've done another test erasing the years in square brackets. Now they are sorted alphabetically.
    Even if you remove the brackets, only with numbers, it still sort them badly.

    But removing the numbers from the beginning works.

    It's something that doesn't happen in the rest of the DAPs.

    A small detail to keep in mind.

    If I put a number before the square brackets it is sorted correctly, using DriveSort.

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  13. HeyManslowdown97
    That’s because the Zishan’s put folders in chronological order to how they were edited not by all of the metadata. It’s the same for zishan dsd pro and their entire line.

    For instance your lastest folder will end up at the end of your list regardless of year, etc aka metadata.

    It’s a glitch in the firmware algorithm is probably due to a lost of translation in the code. Or it’s missing those line commands to do what you want it to do in terms of chronological order.

    For example, if [Year] is
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  14. HeyManslowdown97
    Apologies for the consecutive posts but I thought it’s worth mentioning that the Ak4499eq in the Zishan realm will require more thought in terms of circuitry than the Akm’s previous versions which were easy to incorporate many because it’s current powered rather than voltage.

    (Keep in mind that Ak4499eq is also a 4 channel chip which may require a quad op amp that could limit the diy options of favourite op amp if there are space limits in the (T2??) )

    Moreover, the Akm now requires that you register via email to retrieve the datasheet which is a bit tedious but justifiable in today’s climate!

    I did happen to screen shot the block diagram as a glimpse to everyone following this thread for your viewership. Personally, I believe in terms of innovation it’s pretty impressive that they would opt for current power chip vs a volt one! This, however, requires some really impressive engineering savvy since it would require more thought to process because you must go through many more engineer challenges.

    Will be interesting how the Zishan team of engineers will tackle this feat in the (T2??) but there will definitely be advantage(s) to using current powered chip vs voltage powered! I will looking with keen how the diy community with take-on this challenge as well! 0E670B7C-624D-4D88-B695-947214924FD0.jpeg
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2019
  15. oneula
    T1 over DSD pro
    convince me why I should switch

    I also have the Z3
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